The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a powerful way for businesses to market it’s product or services or doing self-branding. Social Media Marketing makes it easy to reach every prospect or customer.

Social Media a platform where you can build your audience for your brand, expand your sales and also drive high traffic to your website. The important part about social media platforms is you talk to your customers or audience directly.

Many people have this misconception that social media is an app that runs on smartphones, tablets, or computers. They define social media as an app! 

That’s not that the truth this misconception has taken birth from the fact that social media users access their tools via apps. Social Media refers to applications and websites that are designed for the convenience of people who allow them.

Share their content quickly, efficiently and in real-time. People love social media because it’s transparent, vibrant, authentic and uncontrolled. Social Media includes.

  • Social Networks.
  • Media Sharing Sites.
  • Discussion Forums.
  • Blogs

Hey Everyone, Today We will dive into “Social Media Marketing”.

What is Social Media Marketing?

“Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a technique that targets social networks and applications to spread brand awareness or promote a particular product, service and for branding”.

Campaigns of Social media marketing usually focus around:

  • Building a presence on major social media platforms
  • Creating interesting content and advertorials
  • Strengthening customer feedback throughout the campaign by doing surveys and contests.

Social media marketing is known for a more targeted sort of advertising. Therefore considered to be very effective in creating brand awareness. Presence on social media is a necessity for every business to drive many customers. 

As it gives the response of a more immediate connection between the customer and the seller. Moreover, campaigns spread through social media are most likely to have more depth because they are usually discovered through links shared by trusted sources. 

The rich data available through social media can allow advertisers to target their message over very specific audiences, providing the potential for better results. When we talk about social networking we are not just referring to the chatting and other blogs but also, forums where people discuss certain topics. 

We use social media platforms for sharing videos, movies, music, photos, and all of the information that one would want to share. There is a huge potential when you look at social media marketing websites from the perceptions of the marketing companies gets to see awaiting to be explored. 

Social media networks represent those markets and customers who are online and listening and ready to take your offer. With the captive audience being available, marketing companies can reach bent the potential customers and help build an opinion about their products and services.

Also as initiate discussions about their products with the assistance of those who have an interest, as those that are customers of the corporate. Marketers can learn a lot about new things and get real feedback about their product and experiences from the customers online and besides initiate interest in others who are watching and following the topic.

Social media marketing is amazing and this is a medium that no marketing organization can afford to ignore or be absent on. With so many people using social media and making buying decisions influenced by what they see, you need to make social media marketing a key part of your overall marketing strategy.


Through, they are a very common form now that people use #hashtags to add meta information on almost all social media channels.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest all use hashtags to let you describe the topic of your content or list it as part of current trends.

They make your content easy for users to discover and therefore more likely that they’ll share it.


Shares are the currency of the social media world. Shares are an essential element on social media which all that matters.

Today we have so many platforms to choose from and among them, Facebook ranks highest, Instagram the second most popular social media platform and probably the most trending these days, followed by Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

Trending Social Media Platform

Most Trending Social Media Platform like Instagram and Snapchat have grown immensely popular and ruling on social media via mobiles.

The social platforms on which you can find out most of your target audience would be a perfect place to start your marketing efforts. In order to do that, first, you need to find out which social media platform has the largest user base.

Let’s take a look at the famous Social Media Platforms in 2021

# Facebook

Facebook continues with its title as King Of Social Media with  2.498 billion active users as of April 2020. 

Messenger was used to be a messaging feature on Facebook. Until Facebook has made it a standalone top social media app by expanding its features.

Now, it has updated and gives you an option to connect to your family and friends on messenger without logging into your Facebook Account

# Instagram

Instagram is another one of the biggest social media platforms and a great sensation within youth. It’s growing faster and now has millions of users all over the world, with continues growth of day by day.

To support long-form videos Instagram launched IGTV, it has grown faster watching video content on their platform is up more than 80% year over year. Recently Instagram has introduced a new feature called “REELS” among Boomerang and Super-Zoom modes within Stories. 

# Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular real-time public microblogging social media platform. Twitter delivers its users a constant stream of information and new content from all over the Internet.

However, Twitter famously restricts its users to messages of 280 characters or less. According to the sponsors, more than 80% of social customer service requests are served on Twitter.

# LinkedIn

Linkedin is now more than just a little resume and job search site. Now it has evolved as a social media platform. Users can build their business contacts while connecting with other professionals.

LinkedIn is very effective for more than 85% of a business’s social media leads! It allows you to promote your service in groups. It concentrates on B2B connections, so it should certainly be a part of your social media marketing strategy. 

# Pinterest

Pinterest is another major social media mobile app. It’s a place where you share or pin.

It is basically an image or infographic sharing platform any company can find their part of niche easily.

It’s one of the best social media platforms to increase new visual content you create, particularly if you constantly maintain boards.

It has touched millions of monthly users that have made it an immense influencer. 

# YouTube

When it comes to YouTube, the name says everything itself. 

YouTube catch-all when it comes to content, it gives you to manage videos as per your choice.

YouTube TV for live streaming 40+ cable channels.

It will start to show up in Google and YouTube search results, once you have made a video.

# Reddit

A huge collection of forums where people can share news and write content or can do comment on other people’s posts.

It gives you suggestions on how you will find popular brands you might be interested in.

You can easily subscribe to the subreddits you find or you are interested in.

Users can give awards to each other or other users to acknowledge and highlight posts the giver enjoyed.

# Snapchat

Snapchat has captive millions of users heart already. The feature of Snapchat is not only attractive but also unique and innovative.

Once you “Snap” your friends get a video or an image from you,

an amazing feature that it gets disappear once it gets seen.

Snapchat made “Stories” popular!! It has “create” and “add filters,” “lens,” “3D Bitmojis” etc.

You can also check your astrological compatibility with your friends.

Live messaging and doing video chat with up to 16 friends at once.

# Quora

Quora used to show the number of upvotes on an answer but now doesn’t show the number of up-votes unless we click on the answer.

It is basically a question and answer website on which visitor ask their queries and people give the response to give them right answer.

# Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the best and most popular social networking sites and a micro-blogging. It has been exceptionally popular.

It is popular for blog writing and as a discussion platform.

A Tumblr blog seems to be just like every other website.

You can share Images, Videos, Gif, Infographics, texts, etc

Tumblr from, education to technology, to art to fashion, to wildlife, to foods, and many others.

# Medium

Medium is an online publishing platform with a social network element.

Medium gives free to publish and read articles. Only some articles are reserved by paying members.

Brands usually republish their blogs and posts to get high reach and it is quite common in Medium. Any business big or small can use medium to extend their reach!!

What is Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Before jumping right into and publishing something on social media, 

let’s take a look at the bigger picture!

What’s the first step you think of your social media strategy.

# Make your GOALS

Before starting you need to come up with the goals that you want from your social media and what your business should achieve.

We use social media mostly for brand awareness, getting traffic to the website, and drive good sales from it. It also allows you to get engage with your visitors and track them easily and maintain a good relationship with them by keeping them engaged with your content.

You can also create your channel or a community with your followers and friends.

# Which Platform is Good For Your Products or Services?

After setting up your business goals you should focus on which particular social media platform you really want to focus on. Some of the major Social Media Platforms are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat.

All these platforms consist of the different mindset of users so you need to be specific about the platform you choose. Think about your target audience and then go for any platform.

There are also some small but not so small social media platforms as well such as Tumblr, and Anchor, etc, and some social media messaging platforms, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, and Viber.

#What Type Of Content Should You Share?

Now, when you know which social media platform you are going to target. 

It comes to your content! Means what type of content you are going to deliver to your follower or your audience which can bring engagement with them. What is best for your targeted audience? Images, Videos or links or infographics? 

Maybe your audience could like educational and entertaining content. To get rid of all these confusion inside your head. Go for Marketing Persona which will help you answer these questions. And it’s not forever you can change your strategy accordingly. 

There are many tools for managing social media platforms for scheduling and posting such as Hootsuite etc. These tools will help you to save time and use it in making different and more effective strategies.

# Planning and Publishing

Today almost three billion people (3,000,000,000!) are using social media. Having a presence on Social Media can give a great hike to your business doesn’t matter if you have a big or small business.

It gives your business a great opportunity to reach out to your potential customers.

Publishing on social media is as simple as sharing a blog post, an image, or a video on a social media platform.

# Listening and Engagement

As social media is growing so do your business as well conversions, traffic and sales everything. People will comment, like and tag in their posts or will directly message you. People do talk about your business or brand without letting you know about it.

Eventually, you want to monitor each and every comment that’s being in your post by this will help to make your content more according to your audience. You can also manually check across every social media platform by notifications. 

There are chances that you might miss out some important thing that you should notice because it’s not possible to after every post’s comment.

In that case, you can instead use a social media listening and engagement tool that aggregates all your social media mentions and messages, including posts that didn’t tag your business’s social media profile.

# Analytics & Reports

While using social media tools, making effective strategies, getting your content ready according to your audience that you need to know how your social media marketing is performing.

To know how many audiences your post reached on social media last month? how many positive taggings do you get last month? How many brands are using your #Hashtags on their social media post?

Your Social Media Platforms also provides basic information. To get more knowledge in-depth you can use a wide range of social media analytics tools such as Buffer Analyze.

# Advertising

Social Media gives you the option to run ads to reach a wider audience. Nowadays, social media advertising is playing an important role, you can easily specify to whom you want to show your ad.

You can create target audiences based on their interests, behaviours, demographics, and more. 

While running many social media advertising campaigns at once, you need to take help by using a social media advertising tool to make bulk changes, automate processes, and optimize your ads.

Bottom Line

Social media trends get updated year-by-year they barely stay the same we can consider it as a nature of Social Media. Social Media is now like a synonym of Digital Marketing, however, they both go hand-in-hand together as people do prefer Social Media Marketing along with Search Engine Optimization. To get success in Social Media you need to stay ahead of the curve and have a good understanding of Social Media Trends flowing on Social Media platforms.

Influencer marketing is a BOOM and it’s getting mature day by day. Erin Fredregill, Founder & CEO, Robe + Signet said Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere; in fact, it’s maturing. 

Creating a crystal clear influencer marketing strategy that will cover all over the marketing strategy of your business, building an absolute influencer quality check process and giving a proper outline to your brand’s goal, content guideline etc.

Marketers are frequently focused on developing meaningful connections with their target audience versus anybody and everybody. Brands want to reach out to as many customers as possible in less time. The idea of privacy and community is changing the way that current consumers approach social media. 

Facebook group marketing is a helpful way to market to smaller communities as organic reach on Facebook is flat for most brands. The concept of stories is more obvious than only on Snapchat and Instagram.

Stories were introduced by Snapchat which was no longer seen as a novelty. At this point in time, they’re a staple of Instagram itself. Stories have been one of the biggest social media trends of the past couple of years and 2021 looks to be no different.

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