Today we discuss what we’ve learned through running:
Cohort Based Cohorts
Office Hours

Those terms are all kinda the same word for: Online learning!

Here’s some learnings from each:

Cohort Based Cohorts Learnings:​

I interviewed Gagan Biyani of Udemy about “cohorts” and it was eye opening how rapidly this concept is taking off.

  • Cohorts allow for a better community because everyone is going towards a common goal at the same time.
  • People want to have more engaging online learning, cohorts are the answer!
  • Cohorts allow for people to be able to have a community while they learn.
  • Some courses will SAAS-ify themselves so they can charge a monthly fee forever, but most of the best courses will have cohort approaches with a start and an end date.
  • Cohort based courses allow the creator to charge a higher price, have fewer students and have a defined start and end date.


​​Office Hours Learnings:​

We host a live office hours every week so we’ve learned a lot.

  • It’s like college: There’s hundreds of people in a class, yet only a few students show up at each office hours so they get valuable personalized time and help.
  • You start seeing patterns in questions during the Office Hours, and we currently see a lot of email stuff, digital product questions, and SEO stuff.
  • It’s really cool to see what others are working on, and it sparks ideas for your own projects.


​​Bootcamp Learnings:​

We used to call them “bootcamps” but now that word has shifted to “cohorts.”

  • I’ve realized it’s better to pre-record the information rather than do a live presentation (personal choice).
  • Instead of doing presentations on live calls, we just do a 100% interactive sessions so we can talk to people.
  • It’s something we can run WITHIN the current course which is cool.
  • We did a beta test for a website re-do cohort and it failed…instead everyone wanted to build an autoresponder.

Most of the good information is inside the podcast episode, I hope you enjoy it!

Neville Medhora

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