🗞 The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (5-28-2021) :: Copywriting Course

🗞 The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (5-28-2021) :: Copywriting Course

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This is a fun email for Friday May 28th, 2021. Hope you like it 🙂

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This is a BEAUTIFUL and elegant drawing that instantly shows (without any words) how much wind drag older cars had versus the newer more aerodynamic cars.

I love it when a picture alone can convey all the information without a single word of text.

A great illustration!

It doesn’t have to be complex.
It doesn’t have to be clever.
It can just be simple.

simple ad

If you’re working on something and it’s getting big and annoying and long….just make it simple 😊

“What’s the bare minimum to make this work?”

“What’s the fastest way to accomplish this?”

“Do we need ALL these features?”

david ogilvy image

David Ogilvy has a wonderful quote on features vs benefits:

“The key to success is to promise the consumer a benefit – like better flavor, whiter wash, more miles per gallon, a better complexion.”

Here’s some examples of this in action:

Feature: “Pure saccharin flavored.”
Benefit: “Tastes like a party in your mouth!”

Feature: “Detergent has surfactant ethoxy sulfate.”
Benefit: “Detergent makes your whites sparkle!”

Feature: “High efficiency gas usage.”
Benefit: “From Austin to Dallas (and back) on one tank!”

I recently got my garage fully painted as a gigantic chalkboard 😂

So I’ve been playing around with drawing on the walls (forgive the mess and junk all around, still being setup):

I’m gonna have friends draw stuff all around also….will update when it’s complete!

Joe Sugarmn Triggers and Neville Medhora

Years go one of the best copywriters in the world Joe Sugarman outlined 24 different “psychological triggers” that get people to buy things.

Here’s the list of Psychological Triggers:
#1.) Feeling of Involvement or Ownership
#2.) Honesty
#3.) Integrity
#4.) Credibility
#5.) Value and Proof of Value
#6.) Justify the Purchase
#7.) Greed
#8.) Establish Authority
#9.) Satisfaction Conviction
#10.) Nature of Product
#11.) Current Fads
#12.) Timing
#13.) Desire to Belong
#14.) Desire to Collect
#15.) Curiosity
#16.) Sense of Urgency
#17.) Instant Gratification
#18.) Exclusivity, Rarity or Uniqueness
#19.) Simplicity
#20.) Human Relationships
#21.) Guilt
#22.) Specificity
#23.) Familiarity
#24.) Hope

These are all from book “Advertising Secrets of the Written Word” (renamed “AdWeek Copywriting Handbook”)
the adweek copywriting handbook
Till this day I frequently re-visit this list of triggers to get ideas for sales promotions!

The easiest trick to make your writing better is removing buzzwords:
buzzword vs no buzzwords
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A “BuzzWord” is when people use a word that’s overly complex. Generally you can simplify a BuzzWord into something much simpler.

Simply eliminating these will make your writing better, less frustrating, and more fun for others to read!

BuzzWord: Simple Version:
“Substantial” A lot
“Emblematic of” It means
“Sublime” Good
“Due to the fact” Because
“In the event of” If
“Has the capability to” Can
“Utilize” Use
“Promulgate” Issue
“Implement” Start
“Give a description of” Describe
“Provide assistance with” Help
“Do the construction of” Build


Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday 🙂

Neville Medhora – CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed

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