As the wedding season sets in again, couples and their families have started searching for best people, places, ideas and whatnots to begin preparing for D-day. Marriages are those particular special occasions where the world around you comes together to celebrate the happiness in your life and that deserves the effort.

Right from selecting interesting themes, executing DIY plans to deciding outfits and other necessary wedding bling must be sorted before the date so that it turns out to be just as desired. Thanks to the internet, everything is available at the fingertips.

Wedding YouTube channels are few of the most frequented online space that helps the audience sort their wedding plans. There are separate and specific categories that these channels deal with either in a combined way or by being particular about one part. For example, we have Wedding YouTube channels that are only about the brides and bridesmaid styling, dresses, makeup etc. and many that include everything from the theme inspiration, food idea, décor shopping etc.

Here are a few amazing Wedding YouTube channels to follow in 2020 for useful tricks and hacks on arranging everything for a wedding.

8 Useful Wedding YouTube channels

  1. Forestry Films – Wedding Videography and Wedding Photography

With over 71k subscribers on the channel, Forestry films are one of the fine & fabulous Wedding YouTube channels that not just inspires people to arrange memorable weddings but also educates photographers and videographers. The channel is a compilation of informative videos regarding the tools and equipment required for photoshoots and video making. It is more focused on making videos related to the photography tricks, handling clients, using new features and apps, editing captures, creativity and innovations.

  1. Wedding Diary

The channel is administered by a team of professional cinematographer, thematic experts and floral designers besides event managers & wedding planners. They have over 147k subscribers who work towards perfecting all wedding scenes and creating video content for the channel. There are videos from real weddings that people can watch for more ideas on the same. If you are preparing for a marriage function, this channel is a must-watch as it gives some major # goals for a picture-perfect occasion.

  1. RVR Pro

RVR Pro is a team of expert photographers, videographers and post-production service providers that mostly take up wedding projects. They work on projects from cinema, TV, portfolio shoots, advertisements, and documentary clientele. Coming back to their primary project, wedding videos are beautifully edited and posted so as to attract most of their target market audiences. There are real wedding shoots posted in this channel which give enough plans and ideas regarding the décor, floral arrangements, food choices, altar decoration, fashion and clothes. It is surely one of the best Wedding YouTube channels.

  1. Dave Tebbutt Wedding Films

The channel is run by Dave who loves to travel and capture amazing love stories around the world. It has over 28.3k subscribers that are loyal audiences to his magic creations of many beautiful couples. Originating from Canada, Dave ensures that all his videos are clicked and shot from the best angles possible besides ensuring world-class edit and creator standards. This is one of the most creative Wedding YouTube channels to follow this season.

  1. Smoke Weddings

The channel has over 28.8k subscribers that are a fan of the work posted here. There are amazing and inspiring Indian wedding tales from across the country that are captured with much effort and skills. It is definitely one of the best Wedding YouTube channels that makes wonderful videos of diverse wedding styles. Be that a pre-wedding shoot or a Haldi ceremony, they do it all for their clients, thereby ensuring complete satisfaction along with memories and happiness.

  1. Wedding Twinkles

They have a team of professional Indian wedding photographers trained in fashion wedding photography. It is equipped with the best of knowledge, technology, tools and gadgets that help the photographers click candid wedding shots with clarity and precision. The channel is one of the most inspiring Wedding YouTube channels that give major goals to would-be couples and their families.

  1. The Wedding Story

They believe in a special essence in marriages that deserves to be captured with the best of clarity and high definition lenses. The team has super HD cameras and lens tools that work magically on wedding cinematography. Moreover, the TWS team makes videos that are of superior quality meant to be giving major competition to the big-budget movies. With over 314k subscribers, TWS is one of the top Wedding YouTube channels.

  1. Wedding Dance Performances

After having reviewed all the best photography, décor, cinematography channels one must not forget the organised, synced, & well-choreographed dance performances during weddings. Right from the Sangeet ceremonies to the receptions, an Indian wedding is everything from dance to food. This channel is specially dedicated to the dance performances captured across India. The videos are interesting and worth watching for anyone who has plans to give their best dance performance. Everyone from the bride, groom, friends, family and relative can relate to the content here thus, it is one of the most unique Wedding YouTube channels.

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