TubeBuddy is solving a lot of problems for YouTubers like you and me. When you think about the fact that over 300 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube (some reports say 400) every minute of the day than you might think your little YouTube channel doesn’t stand a chance.

But as someone who has nearly half a million views on YouTube, I can tell you that if you spend some time optimizing your video titles, descriptions and tags you can get some serious traction for your vids.

In the past, I’ve shared several tools that can help save you time with the process of finding keywords and tracking YouTube analytics (like vidIQ) but right now, I gotta say that TubeBuddy is my new best friend!

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If you never heard of it before, let me give you a heads up about what it does and why I think you’ll call TubeBuddy your new best friend.

In this video, you’ll see how I find where my video is ranking in YouTube search and why it’s performing better than some others. You’ll also see how I check the ranking of a competing video and… just watch the video – you’ll see what I mean!

 TubeBuddy Review: Better YouTube Keywords

In the video I talk a lot about video keywords and tags but truth of the matter is there are some other really important things you need to do in order to optimize your channel for success. For example you need to have great thumbnails, and you need to verify your channel, you need to optimize your description —

Wait, why don’t I just give you a checklist? Duh!
YouTube Channel Pre Audit Checklist

TubeBuddy Features

There are a ton of cool features in TubeBuddy that I think you will love. Here’s a shortlist:

  • iCard Templates
  • Annotation Templates
  • Thumbnail Generator
  • Pick a Winner (to help manage contests)
  • Advanced video Embeds
  • Comment filters (sure wish they had this for WordPress)
  • Welcome messages for your new subscribers (very nice touch!)
  • Featured video promotion
  • Upload Videos Directly to Facebook
  • Way more stuff but this list is getting too long so check it out here

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Here’s the Video Transcript:
Looking for a tool to to help you find the right keywords to make sure your videos get found in YouTube search. I got one for you it’s called TubeBuddy. When you log in to your Creator studio after you’ve installed TubeBuddy you’ll notice a new icon appears for your TubeBuddy menu. Over in a right you’ll see the number of views for this one video – about editing an existing YouTube video has two to three times more than other videos that were uploaded in the same time period.

Let’s see if TubeBuddy can help us figure out why.

One of the many features of TubeBuddy is that you can check search rankings so let’s check the search rankings for this video to see where we rank. And you can see one of the reasons why we have so many views on that video is because two of our tags are ranking and top positions in YouTube search. And that’s the beauty of TubeBuddy – you’re not getting Google search results
you’re seeing YouTube search results!

We can also check social monitor to see how many people have shared this video and TubeBuddy will show you all the shares from Twitter. You can also see Reddit but I can tell you that I rarely get shares of my videos on Reddit but if you are a Reddit user, this may be a great feature for you. And they have more that they’re going to be adding and I must admit that Tube Buddy constantly updates the platform. You can also use TubeBuddy to check your competitor’s ranking for their keywords. I happen to have a tutorial for and so does my friend Sunny Lenarduzzi.

Let’s check this search rankings for Sunny’s video. Now Sunny has a lot more subscribers than I have, and I also see that she is ranking very high on the two keywords that I was also going after. And isn’t that nice Sunny also included my name as one of the keywords for her video. Let’s take a look at my Blab video and see what key terms I’m ranking for in YouTube search. And here we go! I’m ranking for Blab and Blab but I’m also ranking for real-time chat.

And just so Sunny doesn’t feel bad,  I’m not even ranking for my own name on this particular video. I think I have some other videos out there that I’m using my name is as a tag that I’m probably ranking in the top one (hopefully).

Well today we just talked about keywords but you can see that there is a bunch of other tools that you can use from TubeBuddy. So go ahead and sign up for TubeBuddy!

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