March 23, 2021·13 min read

We analyzed the creation, viewing, and engagement data of over 760,000 videos to compile our 2021 Video in Business Benchmark Report. Use this intel to see how you stack up so you can stand out.

There’s no question that 2020 was the year of video and we’ve got video benchmarks to prove it. Some organizations were well on their way to embracing a digital-first approach to business before the pandemic, while others were forced to do so out of necessity.

The move to digital-first work has translated to a digital-first approach in the way we connect with prospects, customers, and each other. Whether it’s through live Zoom calls, virtual event experiences, or asynchronous video messaging—the use of video exploded in 2020.

With where we see the trends taking us, that trajectory isn’t expected to slow down. We’ve made the transition, and with that, our customers’ and employees’ expectations and preferences have changed forever. From now on, we’ll be using video to connect, educate, and create trusted relationships when it matters more than ever.

Here are the key shifts we’ve seen supported by our benchmark findings for 2021:

  1. Using video for sales has gone from “explore” to “invest”
  2. Everyone is becoming a creator—no longer are we dependent on massive production budgets and teams
  3. The proliferation of user-generated ‘record-and-share’ videos across the entire business is the new norm

As the use of video increases, it’s important to have benchmarks to guide best practices, identify opportunities, and evaluate success. That’s why we created the fourth annual Video in Business Benchmark Report, which analyzes business’ use of video to support sales, marketing, and communication efforts.

2021 Video in Business Benchmark Report

Video in Business Benchmark Report2021 Video in Business Benchmark ReportKnow where you stand, so you can stand out. Get the insights you need to craft a video strategy that works.Get the Report