5 YouTube One Channel Designs That Will Inspire You To Action

5 YouTube One Channel Designs That Will Inspire You To Action

YouTube introduced the new One Channel¬†layout a few years agon, but there’s a chance you still haven’t optimized your artwork yet!

‚ÄúFor optimal results on all devices we recommend uploading a single¬†2560 X 1440 px¬†image‚ÄĚ from YouTube Support

I know, it’s just one more thing to add to your to do list, but keep in mind that your YouTube Channel¬†Page acts as your Home Page on YouTube.Does Your You Tube Banner Attract New Subscribers

Now you wouldn’t think of not putting up a banner on your blog’s Home Page would you? The goal behind the One Channel concept is to make the design more responsive giving it a more attractive and uniform look across various sizes of computer monitors and mobile devices like SmartPhones, iPads and other Tablets. Take advantage of online editing tools like PicMonkey or Canva and get started with creating inspiring One Channel designs like these:

Inspiring One Channel Designs

Creating an attractive One Channel design might not be as difficult as you think. Here are a few creative ideas and awesome  Here are a few designs to inspire you.  Most of these examples are actual screenshots from my Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2.

Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD

mkbhd one channel design

If you want to keep up with the latest in SmartPhone and other Tech reviews you want to check out Marques Brownlee. He is the man! Well actually he is still a teenager but you would never know it by watching his videos. I could go on about how professional and well spoken Marques is but I really think you should check him out for your self because you know I always say the proof is in the pudding (in case you’re new here, I probably say that way too much). But, let’s face it, 1/2 a million subscribers can’t be wrong. Take a look at the simple, clean lines of Marques’s One Channel art and you’ll see that it’s truly elegant. At the same time, I bet you could imagine yourself making a ‚Äúpoor man’s version‚ÄĚ of this design in about 20 minutes!

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Chris Lang

chrislang one channel design

My friend Chris Lang is one of the top experts on anything to do with Google. He provides ‚Äútips, tools, tricks and solid business marketing strategies‚ÄĚ. His YouTube Design let’s you know who’s boss and I was actually inspired by this bold design when I created my Google+ Page banner. So in a way you can thank Chris for this post ūüôā

Marie Forleo aka Marie TV

marietv One channel design

What can I say about Marie Forleo. How can you even look at her and not be inspired? That was a rhetorical statement people.

Marie = enthusiasm. And it shows in her One Channel design. A great head shot, a smart tag line and a couple of carefully chosen fonts and bam! You’re done. YOU CAN DO THIS PEOPLE! Just go for it.


vidiseo One Channel

Matt Ballek is the creative genius behind VidiSEO. No, this isn’t a simple, throw it together in 20 minutes, One Channel banner yet it’s very inspiring. You can see how Matt has been able to grow his subscriber base and his authority as a YouTube expert. I also want to mention that Matt has a cool feature on his site where you can submit a video with any question you have about optimizing your YouTube channel. Send in your question and if you get picked, your video question might end up being featured on his channel.

Ileane Smith aka Ms. Ileane Speaks

Last but not least, your’s truly. You might be wondering why I featured my own channel here.

Well here’s why. It’s because technically I don’t have a real One Channel design. I just re-purposed the banner art from my podcast. Doh!

That’s right, I’m sure you have some piece of artwork in your graphics arsenal that you can re-purpose as a basis for your YouTube One Channel design. Think outside of the box my friends. Don’t add this task to your to-do list, just get it done. Seriously.

Are You Inspired to Take Action on Your One Channel Design Yet?

I hope that you are starting to see the benefits and the importance of optimizing your One Channel design. In addition to the One Channel redesign, YouTube now displays Hover Cards next to each one of your videos. The YouTube Hover Cards work similar to Hover Cards on Google+, and it allows anyone watching one of your videos to see a quick preview of your channel design.  Watch this video to see what I mean.

YouTube SEO Tips Hover Cards and VidIq Stats by Ileane Smith

What Are Your Favorite One Channel Designs

Let me know if you have any favorites in the comments below. I’m sure you know of some One Channel Designs that can inspire us all.

Hey guys I got a couple quick tips for you on YouTube today
We now have Hover Cards so if someone’s looking at one of your videos¬†and they hover over your channel name¬†they will see your YouTube banner and also¬†your description that you have on your YouTube channel.

So¬†if you don’t have your YouTube channel banner¬†art, now is the best time to go ahead and get that taken care of¬†so that people will be attracted to your channel and want to subscribe.

The other tip I wanted to share with you¬†is about your YouTube stats and also checking the stats of¬†other videos and other channels that you watch.¬†Well VidIQ ‚Äď they have a Google Chrome¬†Extension now make sure you install that extension¬†and this is what you’ll see.
Next to a video that you’re watching you’re going to see statistics¬†such as how many subscribers they have, how many views, you know the Facebook likes‚Ķ
All the stats but also something that’s been hidden from us¬†for awhile which is the YouTube tags.

So now this is the way to do your research on the SEO that you’re doing¬†on any of your videos. You can check out the tags¬†of the popular videos that you’re trying to compete with so go ahead and get¬†that extension from vidIQ just go to vidIQ.com/vision.¬†Okay that’s it for today guys but make sure you subscribe¬†so you can stay on top of all the YouTube tips.
I’ll also have blogging tutorials and of course¬†Google Chrome extensions!¬†I’ll talk to you soon.

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