May 28, 2021·13 min read

LinkedIn users watch 300 million videos per year and counting. Learn everything you need to know to generate traffic and conversions from LinkedIn videos.

After a long history of prioritizing the written word, the world’s largest professional networking site LinkedIn is now a prime place to post your marketing videos.

LinkedIn’s pivot to video came late, but its conversion has been total. It loves video. There’s some evidence that it gives video posts priority over other posts in the feed and some of the advantages—like autoplaying them, which helps capture more attention.

“Video is the fastest growing format on our platform right now, and the one most likely to get people talking,” Pete Davies, director of product management at LinkedIn, told TechCrunch.

On LinkedIn, where comments are the holy grail of social currency, things that get people talking are things that spread. Any marketer already on LinkedIn looking for an advantage beyond paying to promote posts needs to look no further than video.

And it’s not just marketers realizing the benefits of the platform. For any sales rep, LinkedIn is increasingly becoming an essential virtual selling tool. Not only can you network virtually, but you can also search for new prospects and join peer-to-peer conversations. . Now you can elevate those connections even further with the ability to create and send video on LinkedIn in a direct message. No more searching on LinkedIn and then hopping over to email to be able to send a personalized video, now it can all be done on one platform with the Vidyard Chrome Extension.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.Benefits of LinkedIn Video
  3. 2.Linked Videos and Direct Message Videos on LinkedIn
  4. 2.1How to Post a Video on LinkedIn Using a Link (Desktop or Mobile)
  5. 3.Direct Video Message Using Vidyard Chrome Extension
  6. 3.1How to Send a Direct Video Message Using Vidyard Chrome or Edge Extension
  7. 4.LinkedIn Native Videos (a.k.a. In-Feed Videos)
  8. 4.1LinkedIn Native Video Ideas
  9. 4.2Specs for LinkedIn Native Video
  10. 4.3Best Practices for LinkedIn Native Video
  11. 4.4How to Share Native Videos on LinkedIn
  12. 4.4.1How to Upload a Video to LinkedIn on the Desktop Site
  13. 4.4.2How to Record and Share a LinkedIn Video from Mobile
  14. 4.5Native LinkedIn Video Metrics
  15. 5.LinkedIn Live Videos
  16. 5.1LinkedIn Live Video Ideas
  17. 5.2Specs for LinkedIn Live Videos
  18. 5.3Best Practices for LinkedIn Live Videos
  19. 5.4LinkedIn Live Video Metrics
  20. 6.LinkedIn Video Ads
  21. 6.1Best Practices for LinkedIn Video Ads
  22. 6.2LinkedIn Video Ad Metrics
  23. 7.Video in LinkedIn Articles
  24. 7.1Best Practices for Video in LinkedIn Articles
  25. 7.2How to Share LinkedIn Videos in Articles
  26. 7.2.1How to Share LinkedIn Videos in Articles
  27. 8.Bonus: Add Video to LinkedIn Profiles
  28. 8.0.2How to Embed Videos into LinkedIn Profiles
  29. 8.0.3How to Embed Videos into Company Pages
  30. 8.1LinkedIn Profile Video Metrics
  31. 9.Getting Started with Video on LinkedIn

Benefits of LinkedIn Video

LinkedIn users view 300 million videos per year. Video posts get 3x more engagement than posts with only text or images and a video post on LinkedIn is 5x more likely to start a conversation.

It’s little surprise that 51% of marketers on LinkedIn use video.

  • 92% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn (Omnicore)
  • 90 million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers (LinkedIn)
  • LinkedIn Ads can be 227% more effective than other social networks (SocialPilot)
  • LinkedIn users log in for an average of 24 minutes per workday (Statista)

These effects compound. Brands that post helpful or informative videos on LinkedIn train viewers to expect videos—and earn more presence in the LinkedIn feed.

Screenshot view of a direct video message in LinkedIn using Vidyard.

Record and Share Videos on LinkedInScreenshot view of a direct video message in LinkedIn using Vidyard.Sign up for a free account to record and share videos on your LinkedIn page and through direct message.Sign Up Free