Need a New Way to Promote Your YouTube Channel? Try RSS Syndication

Need a New Way to Promote Your YouTube Channel? Try RSS Syndication

I bet you’ve found countless ways to promote your blog using RSS syndication, but you might not realize you can promote your YouTube channel with RSS syndication as well. Using an RSS feed allows you to automate the promote process in countless ways. Since this is a short blog post, I’m not going to keep you in suspense about how you can put this YouTube promotion strategy to work, the first thing you’ll need to know is how find the RSS feed for your channel.

Here is the simple format you need, simply replace YOURUSERNAME with – you guessed it, your YouTube user name:

If you click the link you’ll see a bunch of scary looking code on the page. Here’s how it looks after you run it through FeedBurner:

YouTube RSS Syndication in Feedburner

That feels much better now doesn’t it?

Put That YouTube RSS Feed To Work

Here’s two super simple ways you can use this feed to get more views for your videos.

#1. Blog Engage

now offers YouTube Syndication as part of their Platinum package. Brian, the owner, made the announcement recently and I love how this feature works on the site. When someone sees your video listing on the site and clicks it, they will get a pop-up and actually be able to watch the video right there on Blog Engage. How cool is that!

Blog Engage YouTube RSS Syndication

When you have the Platinum package on Blog Engage you can submit your feed and each time you post a public video it will be shared in the community as well as on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Empire Avenue. I’m looking forward to getting more exposure for my video and attracting my subscribers to my channel.

2. You can j0in YouTubers on Triberr.

It’s a tribe I established over on Triberr and it’s the first tribe of it’s kind. When I first came up with the idea of adding my YouTube feed on Triberr I wasn’t sure Dino, the founder, would like the idea so I sent him an email before I moved forward with the idea. Here’s what he said “a million times YES”. In my head I could hear his voice when I read that. 🙂

YouTubers on Triberr

If you’re not familiar with Triberr you can read my previous post and if your ready for some Intense Triberr Training, watch this:

How Will You Use Your YouTube RSS Syndication

Over to you my friend, how will you use your YouTube RSS feed to promote your channel?
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