May 10, 2021·14 min read

Virtual selling is here to stay. Get the beginner’s guide to the top tips and tools for closing more remote sales deals with video.

Whether you call it “virtual selling”, “remote selling”, or “trying to close sales through a computer screen”, you already know that COVID-19 changed online selling from a novelty to a necessity. You had to redesign the way you sell to account for a world where you can’t drop by at a conference, fly into town, or meet up for a coffee.

But what happens afterward? Even when COVID is just a bad memory, selling won’t go back to the way it was before.

Customers’ sales expectations have changed. They want to buy online, even when it comes to big-ticket business purchases. McKinsey found that as many as 80% of B2B buyers would rather interact remotely when making purchasing decisions. It’s easier to schedule, and it’s cheaper than travelling.

Remote sales isn’t a just-during-COVID thing. It’s not a stopgap or a fad. It’s here to stay long-term.

You need to adapt your approach, skillset, and tools for long-term virtual selling success. Whether you’ve barely dipped a toe into remote selling or taken the full dive, this guide will cover all the virtual selling tips you need to know.

Start Virtual Selling Like A Pro
Is your virtual selling strategy up to snuff? In this slide guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about virtual selling. Flip through or download these slides.

We’ll break the virtual selling approach down into three parts:

  • Why you need to design a virtual selling sales process
  • Seven virtual selling techniques you should be adopting
  • Some of the best virtual selling tools you should be using

Ready to start? Let’s dive in.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.Part 1: Redesign Your Sales Process for Virtual Selling
  3. 1.1Does Your Virtual Selling Process Need Work?
  4. 1.2Is Your Virtual Selling Process Codified?
  5. 1.3Are You Setting the Right Virtual Sales Goals?
  6. 1.4How Do You Want Your Virtual Selling Process to Look in the Future?
  7. 2.Part 2: Virtual Selling Techniques
  8. 2.1Get the Basics Down
  9. 2.2Explore New Ways to Prospect
  10. 2.3Make Buyers Feel Comfortable
  11. 2.4Make Sales Calls Interesting
  12. 2.5Multiply Touch Points to Maintain Engagement
  13. 2.6Track Metrics
  14. 2.7Align with the Rest of the Business
  15. 3.Part 3: Virtual Selling Tools
  16. 3.1Virtual Selling with Video
  17. 3.1.1Synchronous Video
  18. 3.1.2Asynchronous Video
  19. 3.1.3Which Style of Video is Better?
  20. 3.1.47 Tips for Virtual Selling with Video
  21. 3.2Sales Presentation Tools
  22. 3.3Remote Sales Team Collaboration
  23. 4.The Virtual Selling Opportunity

Part 1: Redesign Your Sales Process for Virtual Selling

Virtual selling isn’t just about contacting buyers solely through emails and social media. It requires a full reinvention of your process to overhaul the way you communicate, follow up, and sell without ever meeting the buyer in person.

If you’re like most sellers, you (and your team) had to go all-online in a hurry. One week it was business as usual; the next, everyone was selling from home.

You probably had to make a few adjustments to your process right up front to make remote selling fit. Maybe you’ve made some more changes since then as working from home became the long-term standard instead of a temporary blip.

But how thorough is your virtual sales process right now? Are you working with an optimized playbook that’s focused on selling virtually, and all the possibilities and restrictions that come with it? Or are you still running with a cobbled-together temporary strategy that you speed-built back in the spring of 2020?

To really succeed with virtual selling, you need to reimagine your sales process for virtual selling. Here are four questions to ask yourself.

Does Your Virtual Selling Process Need Work?

Is your process a lean, mean virtual selling machine? You wouldn’t use a scooter as a skateboard, so you shouldn’t be using a sales process that’s designed for in-person selling as your model for selling remotely.

If your process isn’t all-in on remote sales as your primary selling vehicle, you need to fix that ASAP. The sooner you have a built-for-purpose process that prioritizes virtual selling (with all its quirks and particularities), the sooner you’ll see more success with remote sales.

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