Traffic from YouTube Is Like Gold – 8 Tips to Get a Piece of the Action

Traffic from YouTube Is Like Gold - 8 Tips to Get a Piece of the Action

Traffic from YouTube Is Like Gold - 8 Tips to Get a Piece of the Action

It is not that hard to get targeted traffic from YouTube. In fact it is really easy. Just think about it, the person has watched your video and gone to the effort of visiting your website, so they are definitely interested in your topic. I guess you can now call them targeted and this is exactly why traffic from YouTube is like gold.

It is because when the visitors get to your site they are ready for action, warmed up and wanting more information, most probably ready to buy.

But how do you get the actual Youtube viewer to visit your website?

Well some people say this is easy and there is no doubt it can be, especially if your video goes viral. But at other times we have to work a bit harder to get a piece of the Youtube traffic action.

#1. Do keyword research on Youtube!

Many people just upload a video to YouTube without researching the video title, the keywords, tags, or the description. I always do YouTube search engine optimization as it really works. I have been able to get to the first page of YouTube search results for absolutely any keyword I choose to optimize. This is because everyone else neglects to do any SEO for YouTube at all!!

You should, in a perfect world, do keyword research before making a video. That way you will know what subject is best. It is ok to do this after you have made a video but obviously you have to work around the video topic you already have.

#2. Stop the Excuses

If you do not upload a video, you cannot possibly experience the fantastic traffic it can provide. Ms. Ileane previously wrote an article about promoting your content on YouTube and in the article she lists some excuses that people might make about why they haven’t made any YouTube videos yet.

I laughed when I saw this because it reminded me of the struggle I went through to make my first video. I am not joking; it took me hours to make. One take after another and in the end it was still absolutely terrible. But the difference was, I did not make excuses, I uploaded the video to YouTube and prepared myself for the onslaught of criticism. And guess what? I actually got a few compliments and serious questions.

Now do not laugh! Here is the video I am talking about.

I realized from the comments that people needed help and that they were very interested in the video. Most did not care that the video was very embarrassing for me.

My newer videos are somewhat better, but not great, even though it is now 5 years later. But if I sat back and waited until my videos were perfect, I still would not have even one uploaded onto YouTube.

#3. Create an Interesting Video

So you have seen my most embarrassing video and now you are embarrassed to keep using those excuses too. Or maybe you have a video already? If not, you can always get someone to make one for you on the usual outsourcing places. For example, if you know your readers are interested in blogging, start creating WordPress video tutorials for them like Ms. Ileane does.

The main features are interesting content, a temptation or gift for the viewers, and a call to action.

So firstly you need to capture the viewers attention, then you need to give them a good reason to continue to watch your video. Don’t give out all the juicy info all at the start. Tell your viewer, once you have captured their attention, that there is something more to come. Then towards the end of the video make your call to action.

#4. Editing Your YouTube Video

When editing my videos I like to brand the video with the name of my website. But make sure your video captures your audiences’ attention first, because if they leave, no amount of branding is going to work. I have branding at the beginning of the video on a title page and at the end of the video. I also bought a video intro from for $5 that brands all my videos that includes catchy music and flying words. Uploading a custom thumbnail is another way to brand your videos.

Another tip is not to have too many fancy transitions. You know the ones when the video disappears into a checkerboard and the next section of the video starts.. I like a simple fading out transition. Do not add loud music to how to videos hoping to hide your voice. This is really annoying.

#5. Call Them Out

I don’t mean you have to pick a fight or start an argument.

As I mentioned above, you need to make a call to action in your video. Entice your viewers to click on the link below the video and visit your website or anything else you wish them to do. The best results come when people are directed what to do.

Tell them to click on the link below the video and actually point downwards in the direction of the link..If not, use an arrow to do that.

Please note: I never over do a call to action as people have had their Youtube accounts disabled for too much blatant advertising and promotion. I just would not risk my account by having too many sales pitches.

#6. Link under it

We all know YouTube allows us to place a nofollow link under our videos in the description section. But nofollow or not, this link is highly effective.

Be targeted with your link. I find that the best way to keep your targeted visitor interested is to send them to a page that matches the topic of your video. Sending the visitor to a homepage is not a good idea if you have a large website. They might be impatient when looking for related content, or they might just get lost and leave your website.

I personally like to create an article on my website about the same subject but maybe in more detail, then I link to that. You do not want to have a video about building a website and then link to a post about baking chocolate cakes. It just doesn’t make sense, yet people do it?

Another quick tip is to double check your link as one mistake with the structure will render it useless. You do not want your targeted visitors from YouTube landing on a 404 error page!

#7. Where Are Your Viewers Landing?

Like I said earlier, it is not a great idea to let your newly found targeted visitor land on any old page. You want the landing page to be exactly related to the content of the video but with more to offer. Also, just like in the video, we need a goal for your landing page.

What do you want your visitor to do?

Sign up, buy something, follow you on Twitter or like you on Facebook. What ever your goal is, it is always handy to make it obvious. Don’t let your visitor get confused as to what they are meant to be doing.

Just remember that YouTube traffic is gold, but moving your traffic to the wrong location can turn them into useless junk. If you find that traffic from YouTube is not valuable to you then maybe you should rethink where they are landing.

#8. Force Popularity on Your Video

The more popular you can make your video, the more likely it is to become a featured video, and that means it gains even more exposure.

  1. Get views for your video: A great way to get views on your YouTube video is to embed it on any site you can. This could be your site or even a site you guest post on.
  2. Send your video out to other YouTubers: I do not like to send messages to other members, but I do like to do video replies and comments. That means if it is accepted your video shows up on their video page in the comments section.
  3. Link Back to your video: Link to your video from Yahoo answers, forums, and even guest posts. This is like doing SEO on your video to get it to rank higher in Google, which in turn gets more views.

 Let’s Sum up the Steps

If you haven’t experienced traffic from YouTube then you should definitely take the plunge like I did 5 years ago! If you follow my steps you will get the right traffic from YouTube that really is like gold. Here is a quick summary of what I do.

  1. Find out what people are searching for and want.
  2. Create an amazing video with incentives.
  3. Brand it all over.
  4. Make a call to action.
  5. Add a related link under the video.
  6. Make sure the landing page is setup with a goal.

YouTube traffic will give your website a boost in every way so go and get your slice of the YouTube traffic pie! The traffic is gold if you take them to the right places.

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