March 8, 2021·13 min read

Social media video is a powerful way to engage your followers. But it’s different on every single platform. Here’s what you need to know to do it right.

If you think of all the things you can post to social media—text, emojis, GIFs, pictures—video is by far the biggest ticket item. It’s less common, more exciting, and packed with emotion. Sure, a cheeky critic can pack a big story into a little tweet, but videos always say so much more.

Social media videos offer glimpses into other worlds and let audiences feel a personal connection to the person doing the posting. That can humanize a big brand, make a product launch personal, and make a sales team fun and approachable. If you use it correctly, that is.

Social media marketing isn’t just a dumping ground for your existing video content. Every social platform has different limitations—technical and cultural—that make audiences on each hungry for very different topics and formats.

As much as it might seem like a pain to create entirely different videos for every channel, that’s what you ought to do for the best results. If your bandwidth is limited, it’s best to pick a few channels that you want to do really well on rather than spread yourself thin trying to create videos for them all.

Watch and Learn

Want to watch instead of reading? We made a video version of this blog with all the social media video tips you need!

In just one minute, Vidyard’s Social Media Manager Charlie Rogers explains some of the highlights from this blog.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.The Biggest Benefits of Social Video
  3. 2.How Video on Social Media Differs Based on the Network
  4. 2.1YouTube Video
  5. 2.2Facebook Video
  6. 2.3LinkedIn Video
  7. 2.4Twitter Video
  8. 2.5Instagram Video
  9. 2.6Pinterest Video
  10. 2.7TikTok Video
  11. 2.8Snapchat Video
  12. 3.5 Social Media Video Best Practices

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The Biggest Benefits of Social Video

If your brand is going to be on social media, you might as well be using video. One study found that videos generate 12x as many shares as text and images combined. If you go the extra step to record it live, which most platforms now support, people will watch for 3x as long. That’s a big engagement boost for not all that much extra work.

Plus, some networks like Facebook give bonus features to videos that you upload directly instead of posting the link. Facebook in particular auto-plays direct-uploads and may circulate them more widely, meaning they’ll catch more attention and be shown to more people.

Social media video statistics you should care about:

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