YouTube Advertising Formats: The Essential Guide

YouTube Advertising Formats: The Essential Guide

YouTube advertising and monetization of the videos on your channel through the YouTube Partner program is available in just about every country these days. Yet picking the right ads for your YouTube Videos can make a huge difference in your earning potential.

Wait – you mean you haven’t even started monetizing your YouTube channel yet? Ok, I’ll take things slow so you don’t miss anything.

Look guys, here’s the deal:

People always ask me to take a look at their blogs and give them my advice about how they can get more traffic or how they can reduce their bounce rate. 90% of the time when I visit their blogs the first thing I see is AdSense.YouTube ADVERTISING formats

I mean there’s AdSense in the header,

AdSense is displayed above the content of the blog post,

AdSense flashing over on the sidebar….

You know what I’m talking about right?! My point is with all those ads all over the place there’s no wonder some blogs have such a high bounce rate and no wonder people visit your blog one time and never return.

Have you ever heard this saying? “It’s time to flip the script”

Time for You to Take Advantage of YouTube Advertising

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Take those flashing Google AdSense blocks down from your blog and put them up where they will get more clicks – on YouTube!

Talk about having your cake and eating it too – what you need to do is upload some interesting videos up on YouTube, join the YouTube Partner program, connect your AdSense account and you’ll earn more in AdSense Revenue during one month then you can earn using flashing AdSense banners on your blog.

Trust me on that one 🙂

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, here’s the deal on how to monetize YouTube videos.
When it comes to a successfully monetizing your content on YouTube, the most important thing you need to do is have good titles and meta data in the description and tags of your video – the same way you have them on your blog posts. Keep in mind that YouTube is the number two search engine on the planet so why not take advantage of it. To top it all off, YouTube provides free hosting for your videos too (which is nothing to sneeze at by the way).

Get familiar with the different ways you can make money on with YouTube monetization and take advantage of the opportunity to earn money from the content you upload to your YouTube channel – just take a look at this video I recorded called  How to Make Money On YouTube with AdSense Advertising

In the video, I cover the following topics:

  • Commercials and YouTube Advertising formats
  • How to turn on video monetization
  • What are YouTube display ads
  • What are TruView in-stream ads and how to turn them off
  • What are Call to Action Overlays (I learned about those from James Wedmore)
  • How to add tags from YouTube suggested tags

Get Started with YouTube Videos for Advertising

If you watched the video, you’ll remember that I admitted to making a huge mistake where with the SEO of my videos is concerned. I was using the wrong tags! It’s easy enough for me to fix that by following the relevant suggestions from YouTube so I can promote my content more effectively on the platform.

YouTube no longer displays the video tags to users on the site. Here’s a tip to reveal the tags: Use the VidIq Extension for Chrome to see the tags for all YouTube videos. 

What about you, have you made the same mistake with your video tags? Let me know in the comments if you’re ready to get started with monetizing your videos and taking advantage of YouTube Advertising formats.

UPDATE: Block Ads From Appearing On your YouTube Videos

Google added an option for us to block specific advertisers from appearing on our YouTube videos. This is something we were able to do for our websites and blogs for several months. Log into your AdSense account and go to “Allow & Block Ads”.

block ads from YouTube

On the sidebar look for “More Products” and then “Content Hosts” next you can enter the URL’s of any AdSense advertisers you want to block from appearing on your YouTube videos.

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Full Transcript for YouTube Advertising Video:

Hello everyone my name is Ileane Smith and I’m with Basic Blog Tips dot com. My goal is to help you build a better blog.

Hey Guys Ileane Smith here today I want to talk to you about monetizing your YouTube videos As you may know there’s three different types of ads that you can display on your YouTube videos.

The first kind is what’s called a Display Ad. And that’s the ad that appears over on the side of your video it’s usually a three hundred by two fifty and be perfectly honest with you there’s nothing you can do about, there’s no control you have over those ads. They will be there whether you earn additional income from them or not those are the display ads.

The other kind of ad is called a call to action overlay. Well really it’s called a – sorry I gotta look at my notes – an Overlay InVideo. James Wedmore is the one who told me about those ads and I really like James Wedmore so I’m gonna call it the Call To Action InVideo Overlay.That’s kind of like a hybrid term that I just made up.

The other ad.. The third ad – wait a minute gotta look at my notes again, hang on it’s called the True View instream ad. Now those are the ads that will play before your video and the person who’s watching the video gets the opportunity too stop or skip the ad after five seconds ok so those are the three different types of ad that you can have to monetize your YouTube videos.

So let’s take a closer look at how they work.Youtube Advertising

When you upload a video to YouTube you’ll see there’s three tabs for information that you need to fill out. The first one is for basic info the second one is the one we’re going to talk about today which is the Monetization Tab.

Now by default it’s not checked off so the in order to monetize your video you’re gonna click that on and here are the choices that I mentioned to you earlier the overlay the True View and it tells you right here that the display ads are shown by default and it gives you a little description hover over there…this is if the video contains at paid product placement and if it does then you go ahead and check that off. And this also gives you a little description let me scoot over here so you can see that of what the True view InStream ads are and the call to action overlay now let me just show you an example –

I have one video that I added the call to action overlay and that’s this one right here and it was for the SEOPressor plugin and I actually set up an ad for it this ad will – you could upload an image and you can put – you have a very limited amount of characters that you can add in here and then the link. Now this link will take you probably too my sales page for this. Actually I have this link set to go to my blog for the article I probably need to change that to the affiliate link but that’s ok alright. So this is a review that I did of the SEOPressor plugin so clearly I need to make better use of those call to action overlays. Back over here on the YouTube home page and let’s get an example of the True View InStream ad for some reason at that’s a tongue-twister for me. Notice how it gives you the countdown of the advertisement as well as giving you the countdown over here to the five-second mark when you can skip and clearly it tells you that you can skip the ad.

Now the way this works you have to understand that someone who sees this ad and continues watching it they’re really an engaged person and they probably will still continue to watch your video as well. So don’t get put off because those ads are there now the thing is if they decide to skip the ad then the advertiser doesn’t have to pay Google and therefore you don’t get paid.

So the only time you get paid is when someone actually watches and then hopefully they’ll go on and watch your video as well so it’s kind of a toss up there maybe they might get distracted you know it’s – it’s kinda hard to say still give yourself the opportunity to have these ads show there because sometimes they really will be relevant.

Let’s talk about ads being relevant. Recently, YouTube made a change where your tags won’t show under and your videos. Now this was a little disappointing for me and I’m sure for some others because what we were told as one of the SEO tricks to do to get our videos ranked was to find popular videos and then copy their tags. Well I think YouTube got little annoyed at that because as always some people abuse it and people are putting tags that really didn’t have anything to do with their video or their video was only maybe remotely related to what the tags where. So what I have decided to do is because now that I know a little bit more about how this advertising thing works people that are taking out the ads they’re not looking for video that’s talking about Hidden Backlinks from YouTube in Google Webmaster Tools.

They’re looking for something that’s a much broader category and let’s just go and see what YouTube suggests for me to use for tags because you can still see the tags from the back end okay I’m over in the video manager now and I’m on the edit page for that same video and I admit – I realized that I’m making a huge mistake here with the tags that I’m using. For example for this video YouTube is suggesting tags for me to use and I’m just completely ignoring what they’re saying. Well I’m going to stop doing that.

Here this is about YouTube so make sure I add that
it’s a software tutorial yep
it’s about marketing yes
it’s not really about cameras
is definitely about search
uh… how-to yes it’s that as well it’s not about programming
business I think that applies as well
Way?? I don’t know what that means, but let’s just stick with those tags.

So now I have a task for myself is to go back through all my videos and make sure that the tags are appropriate because the advertisers aren’t seeing things very specific things that I think people might be searching for. I’d also want to appeal to advertisers to so that they can target my video with the appropriate ads so therefore when someone sees that ad they won’t skip it
they’ll watch it.

I’ll get paid YouTube will get paid, the advertiser might make make a little money and dependent upon what the ad is about everybody’s just gonna be happy!And I know you want people who subscribe to your channel to be happy too not to mention you want one of those fat AdSense checks!

So that’s your action step for today you have your YouTube channel already you’ve got videos up there go in there find out what Google is suggesting to you for tags first make sure that you have all those monetization options turned on and the tags that Google tells you that you need to add, okay?

Hey why don’t you subscribe to this channel so you can keep updated all tips and tricks I have for YouTube, blogging, and social media so just click this button right here and if you want a watch the last video I did about YouTube and Google Webmaster Tools click this video this little wait, wait where is uh… it’s right there ok just having a little fun with you guys

Hey I’ll talk to you soon it’s Ileane from


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