December 11, 2020·8 min read

We’ve rounded up the best video marketing examples of 2020 to help you find inspiration for your next virtual event, video email, or brand campaign.

2020 was the year of video marketing as businesses went all-in on digital. To acknowledge the hard work it took for organizations to shift to digital-first campaigns and experiences, we’ve rounded up the best video marketing examples of 2020 from our Video in Business Awards submissions.

The rapid shift to remote work has clearly shown us what works within a digital-first environment and what doesn’t. For example, according to HubSpot’s recent study, marketing emails were being sent out in November at a rate of 75% higher than pre-COVID benchmarks, while response rates only went up by a measly 6%. On the other hand, web traffic was up in November, 41% higher than the benchmarks. And conversation interactions were up by 121%.

With upheaval comes the opportunity to reinvent and try something new, and that’s exactly what we saw from the marketing teams who participated in this year’s Video in Business Awards.

Like most of 2020, the awards submissions were completely unique. We were in awe of the innovative ways marketing teams are using video to overcome remote work challenges, rebuild personal connections, explain complex subjects and excel in a time of dramatic change.

As we narrowed down to our finalists, six themes kept appearing in the submissions that achieved the most success. And if you’re looking to get ahead in your video marketing efforts, you’d be wise to follow suit.

Read on to explore six ways to get the best results from your video marketing and get inspired by the ways our finalists and winners put these lessons into practice.

Embracing the Virtual Event

With the whole internet at buyers’ fingertips, it becomes more important than ever to stand out from the crowd—a notable example of this is the rise of remote or virtual events.

As live events came to an abrupt halt in 2020, more and more companies advanced into the virtual event arena. And with physical proximity no longer an issue, attendees could now choose from a global menu of events to attend. To stand out in a crowd that big, you have to do something different.

“[This year’s finalists] weren’t just trying to recreate what they’re used to at an in-person event. Rather, every single one of them had reimagined what’s possible in a virtual event,” noted David Meerman Scott, judge of the Virtual Event Category and co-author of the book, Stand-out Virtual Events: How to Create an Experience that Your Audience Will Love. The best virtual events used a combination of live and pre-recorded video and included plenty of opportunities for attendees to be social.

Two of the finalists in this category really leaned into David’s theory. Tech Data incorporated a virtual world experience into their Security Enforce Event, where guests could walk around as avatars to visit two outdoor stages, a soccer field and even two boats for small groups to have private conversations.

The Knot Worldwide prioritized on-demand content because they knew their audience, composed of busy business owners and sole proprietors, needed the option to tune in on their own schedule.

Virtual Event Category Winner: Axonify
Axonify was named the winner in this category for their AxoniCom LIVE event because they went above and beyond to deliver an immersive experience for attendees. There was something for everyone with highly produced multi-camera sets, live sessions and interviews, pre-recorded footage, breakout sessions, and community building chats. It was the attention to detail and those little “extras” (like cooking tutorials and downloadable assets) that made every attendee feel like a VIP. You can access the content for yourself now on-demand.

This video marketing trend doesn’t just apply to virtual events. The next time you’re planning a video marketing initiative, don’t get caught up in limitations. Instead, consider the many options available to you to create the best experience for your audience.

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