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I post updates throughout the week (maybe weekends !!)
You can get scheduled updates Monday thru Friday
Here’s the format –>

  • Monday –> Screenshot last 7 days traffic (Mon-Sun)
  • Tuesday –> Sharing work templates
  • Wednesday –> Ubersuggest Pro thread
  • Thursday –> New tools/technology I’m using
  • Friday –> Affiliate industry news

1st day in the month I’ll post last month’s earnings

Business Overview

  • Affiliate marketing business will trade Monday Jan 4 2021 – Friday Dec 31 2021
  • Business promotes seasonal & special occasion impulse-buy products (fashion clothing –> shoes, t-shirts, sunglasses, hats, others)
  • Customer is English-speaking internet user US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland

Business Objective

  • Business will generate $100,000 affiliate commission by Friday 12.31.2021 (max profit)
  • Business will generate $24,000 affiliate commission by Friday 12.31.2021 (break-even, pays my bills)

Business Strategy

  • Business will operate 10 affiliate product websites (currently 2 live sites)
  • Each affiliate website earn $27.40 per day average
  • Total daily commission $274 average (x 365 days = $100,000)

Business Tactics

  1. Each website based on seasonal niche product range (on 4th sub-level)
  2. Products are chosen in advance from seasonal increase in customer searches
  3. Websites will test products 1st on customer using organic search traffic
  4. Successful organic product test will be tested on paid results*
  5. *Only revenue from successful organic test will be used for paid test
  6. Main products are seasonal or special occasion impulse buys
  7. Promoted/listed products are generally $10-$25 (maximum $50)
  8. Website are optimized for best user experience
  9. Organic search engines guidelines carefully followed for best ranking
  10. Repetitive work gets outsource & automated

Business Management

  1. Business is registered with government
  2. Business have all liability insurances
  3. Agile methodology is used on Trello platform
  4. Accountant make quarterly financial report
    • Q1 Report (end of March)
    • Q2 Report (end of June)
    • Q3 Report (end of September)
    • Q4 Report (end of December)
  5. Share project diary with Affiliate Fix community


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