December 2, 2020·9 min read

With sales brands embracing product-led growth and virtual selling, reps have a plethora of free sales tools to choose from. Here are the best ones to add to your tech stack.

Like the elusive Yeti or the Loch Ness Monster, free virtual selling tools might seem like the stuff of folklore. Sure, everyone claims to have a sighting—but do they really exist?

As intrepid salespeople, we wanted to investigate once and for all. What we discovered might surprise you. These free sales tools for virtual selling do exist—and they’re actually pretty good. Since many sales brands have made the move to virtual selling and are pivoting to product-led growth, spurred on by a culture of try-before-you-buy, sales reps have a plethora of free sales prospecting tools to choose from.

In fact, some of the best sales software companies now market directly to reps. It makes sense when you think about it: If you start using a free sales tool and close deals, some of your teammates might try it out. And if enough of you start to have success, the tool will catch your boss’ attention—and it’s already proven its value. What’s good for you is good for the sales brands who want to make a good impression on your manager (and that’s pretty good for you).

In this article, we’ll explain the types of free sales tools for virtual selling, their uses, and how to build a sales software stack that helps you find and close more business. Whether you’re looking for free sales tools for startups, SMBs, or enterprise—we’ve got you covered. No matter if you’re cracking small or large accounts, you’ll find something that will help you win more deals.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.What Are Free Virtual Selling Tools?
  3. 2.Types of Virtual Selling Tools
  4. 3.Best Free Virtual Selling Tools
  5. 3.1List Building
  6. 3.2Outreach
  7. 3.3Scheduling
  8. 3.4Presentation
  9. 3.5Deal Closing
  10. 3.6Branding
  11. 3.7Learning Virtual Selling
  12. 4.Benefits of Virtual Selling Tools
  13. 4.1Prospect with the Power of Several Reps
  14. 4.2Speed Up Your Deal Cycle
  15. 4.3Build Knowledge
  16. 4.4Level Up Your Team
  17. 4.5Send a Consistent Message
  18. 5.Final Thoughts

Free virtual selling tools are any tools that help people in remote sales roles—such as account executive, business development rep, sales development rep, and so on—do their jobs faster, more efficiently, or both. These can include everything from tools that help automate repetitive tasks, to learning resources that can help you grow as a salesperson.

In our roundup, we’ve included primarily B2B sales tools that have free versions and those that have limited free trials, such as DocuSign’s 30-day free trial. For transparency, we’ll mark these with “free version” or “free trial,” so you know which is which.

It’s important to note that there are no one-size-fits-all sales productivity tools. What works for an enterprise account executive may not work for a team of SDRs or someone selling to small businesses. However, when paired with the right sales methodology, online sales tools can help you take the right steps faster and leave less of your sales process to chance.

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There are seven main categories of free sales tools to choose from.

  • List building: For finding prospects or locating contact information
  • Outreach: For initiating conversations
  • Scheduling: For booking meetings
  • Presentation: For hosting meetings and enhancing slide decks
  • Deal closing: For signing documents
  • Branding: For making yourself memorable
  • Learning: For enhancing both your hard and soft sales skills

In order to choose the best sales tools for your tech stack, you need to first understand what problem you’re trying to solve. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need more prospects? Look for sales tools that focus on list building and outreach.
  • Do I need more demos? Look for sales tools that help with recording, scheduling, branding, and learning.
  • Do I need more closed-won deals? Look for sales tools that will improve your presentation and deal closing.
  • Do I need to spend less time in the CRM and more time selling? Look for learning resources that will help you become more efficient.

We’ll get into the different types of tools for salespeople—and the free versions we recommend—in the section below.

The best free sales tools for virtual selling will differ depending on your goals. That’s why it’s key to identify any gaps in your sales cycle. If you do a good job of matching the tool to the need, you can take your selling game to the next level. We’ve broken the best free virtual selling tools into sections below.

List Building

List building tools are free sales prospecting tools that help you find people to call, conduct account research, or locate the contact information of known prospects. Here are some of the best sales prospecting tools you can use for free:

  • Clearbit (free version): Easily track down hard-to-find email addresses straight from your inbox with their free Gmail and Outlook plugin.
  • Crunchbase (7-day free trial): Find funding reports and track companies in your target market.
  • Datanyze (free version): Free Chrome extension for scanning websites to see the company’s revenue, employees, and technology providers.
  • GetProspect (free version): Email finder and LinkedIn profile locator that enables you to search for up to 100 contacts monthly.
  • HubSpot CRM (free version): Visualize and optimize your pipeline in HubSpot’s free CRM tool.
  • LinkedIn (free version): The iconic business networking platform is also one of the best places to build your list and scope out potential prospects. (Though the paid version, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, is worth looking at.)
  • Name2Email (free version): A Chrome plugin which enables you to search for any email address, straight from Gmail.
  • Owler (free version): News and data about companies you’re interested in.
  • Segment (free version): Collect and clean customer data and send messages to prospects who are browsing in real time.
  • SimilarWeb (free version): Sales intelligence platform to find leads, get insight into your prospects, and conduct web traffic research.


Outreach tools can vastly improve your effectiveness by automating routine tasks, improving your messaging, and providing better ways of connecting with prospects. Here are some of the best free options out there.

  • CrystalKnows (free version): A free Chrome plugin that uses AI to reveal anyone’s personality from their LinkedIn profile—allowing you to strike the right note and make a great first impression.
  • Emailable (free trial): Email tool to help improve open rates, prevent being flagged as spam, and win more deals.
  • LeadBI (15-day free trial): Uncover lead analytics and create automatic, responsive emails and text messages.
  • OpenPhone (7-day free trial): An easy way to get a phone number for startups or small businesses. your startup or small business.
  • Mixmax (free version): Track email open rates, send automated reminders, schedule meetings, and more.
  • Reply (14-day free trial): Outreach tool which automates routine tasks like looking up emails, LinkedIn outreach, personal emails, and calls.
  • Vidyard (free version): Record outreach videos straight from your laptop or mobile and embed them in emails to prospects.


Scheduling tools allow prospects to book time directly on your calendar, minimizing unnecessary back-and-forth when you’re trying to find a mutually convenient time for a meeting. Here are our picks:

  • Mixmax (free version): Insert your availability into your emails and easily schedule meetings with one click.
  • Calendly (free version): Generate a custom link that allows anyone to book time on your calendar.
  • Chili Piper (free version): Automate bookings through integrations with the top calendar and video conferencing apps


Presentation tools allow you to host virtual meetings with leads or create clear, compelling presentations. Here are some of our favorite free tools:

  • (free version): Create beautiful, compelling presentations to dazzle and persuade your prospects.
  • Uberconference (free version): A free video conferencing tool you can access directly from your browser—no downloads required.
  • Zoom (free version): Now ubiquitous thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, Zoom offers a crisp and seamless virtual meeting experience.

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