What are your biggest obstacles as a Newbie?
List them here, go to the last page and add your post about this question. Take a moment and list everything you feel is holding you back from getting started or holding you back from earning some money.

I have linked my posted responses for each of your posts to the members usernames below!!

Encourage other Newbies to come here and post as well.

This is all about constructive response to help you realize that most Newbies experience the same issues and hangups. Look for the common patterns in the Newbies statements and in my responses. All of us were Newbies a some point. We all go through the same stuff to get a foothold on our new careers when starting out. You are not alone, you are among marketers that have been through what you are experiencing and are here to help you get past these common hangups experiences that hold you back and to help you get on the road to your successes!


01. azgoldFeeling like I’m in over my head – info and technical overwhelm.

02. xyzabcFeels a lack of information, confusion about where to start, has fear of loss, thinks the business has too much risk, doesn’t like the learning curve

03. trinath andeconfusion about tracking

04. vzladxtLack of focus, information overload, lack of financial investment, trying to do everything instead of doing one thing at a time, feels its necessary to work too hard, feels many issues are in the way of novices.

05. mrbeginnerShiny Object, need to learn to adjust & adapt, difficult separating good information from bad information, easily distracted, information overload, not following through, no real plan, no check lists

06. vellexpersonal issues are interfering with progress, trying to make it perfect before taking action, self doubt, fear of failure

07. 500Daysslow progress, information overload, silver bullet syndrome, not taking action, lack of focus, needs a solid plan, no schedule for work

08. dddrajinformation overload, downloading “magic bullets”, lack of focus, trouble finding actionable information

09. generalrahmanfeels lack of information, confused about where to start, fear of loss, too much risk, Doesn’t like learning curve, no budget

10. xploit – No time and no money.

11. asknoptconfused, too much information, can’t find answers, knows he needs a plan

12. auroretan – information overload, navagating through bad info to get to the good info, discovered the need to continue taking action, discovered the need to focus on continued education, learned the importance of building relationships in this industry, learned to love the moment and live in the moment and the money will follow! READ THIS POST!!!

13. winarrow – focus, too much to learn, not enough time to catch up, fear to ask for help, information overload, desire to succeed.

14. armour248 – lack of confidence, lack of knowledge, fear of loss, poor business posture

15. female_9999 fear of loss

16. minzet is trying to operate without a plan, hasn’t determined a real starting point, is attempting to move into marketing without adequate training.

17. parikshit fear of loss, doesn’t understand the need to invest in education to succeed, hasn’t developed a plan to master initial skills required to earn.

18. mandyk similarities of others experiences with her own, the dilemmas of massive action, dealing with misguided actions & misinformation, fear of failure

19. ljsunshine not knowing where to begin, mountains of information to wade through, starting out with free resources, has a goal and is pushing forward

20. sanjaybanerje Needs to develop communication skills, to learn to articulate, isn’t involved enough in forum threads and posts, doesn’t appear to have a plan.

21. ryansterlingg ryan actually has a plan in the making, polish it up and keep going. Finish your plan and stick to it. You have an established budget, you need to select your field, your tracker, and your traffic source. Then take action, get involved with the folks in this forum in the field you chose. You’ll be earning quick!

22. melisata Information overload, lack of persistence, jumping from course to course.

23. knightxking A work in progress and looking forward to updates on your progress.

24. aristotle Fear of losing money and time, shiny object syndrome, lack of focus, no follow through, easily distracted by daily onslaught of pitches from other marketers.

25. invincible Confusion about what a plan really is, needs to become more oriented with our industry, requires more commitment to resources like a VPS, doesn’t have a starting point established.

26. tiego679 Taking action, but a little confused. Establishing direction.

27. michael962003 Confused, disoriented, no plan, no budget,

28. Ayman Feeling lost with no direction, knows that one can’t create a plan without having to learn the basics first, feels circumstances and requirements for this business are holding him down, has perspective issues.

29. youngs18 Doesn’t know where to start, feeling a bit overwhelmed.

30. yafee Has a firm understanding of the missteps and unnecessary thoughts that holds a Newbie back and is ready to push forward after having consumed this thread in its entirety. This is why we have this thread.

31. MikeT Having the same issues as most have outlined for themselves in these threads, has been stuck in purchased products with no return or formidable gain in knowledge, feels the sting when thinking of trying to compete with the big and successful marketers already on top, Thinks it takes years to earn. Has a lack of confidence, trust, and faith. Riddled with fear.

32. anupbro Has no money to begin, wants to start a business without funding it.

33. wrcato2 May be experiencing apprehensions due to having to learn new things, doesn’t want to spend any money starting a new business, has a little confusion about how things work, knows he needs a plan, needs to acquire and learn the basic tools necessary, and came to the FIX to gt this all straightened out!

34. CoolSpot Information overload causing confusion, stuck on reading and not taking the first steps to get the ball rolling, needs to dive in and get a plan to execute.

35. Earl Coy (digitard93) Earl has read this entire thread and found his path. He has seen all of fears in the others post of this thread an has replaced them with confidence, a plan, and is ready to be an affiliate. Go get them Earl!

36. urbano Allowing indecision to control the moment.

37. Drakon Needs to become more familiar with using this forum, no real direction or plan.

38. Daniele Has absolutely no drive or commitment to make it happen. Claims to have no time to learn or implement. Claims information overload.

39. affiliate Looks to be lost in the land of opportunity, struggling with indecision, no there is something to all of this but isn’t structuring the plan that will bring it all home. You can do this @affiliate !

40. Lindsey Hanley Isn’t ready to do business IMO

41. Manhas Starting out by being negative, doesn’t recognize the resources available, feels a lack of everything instead of seeing the abundance of everything, experiencing the result of negative thinking which is feeling as though things are stopping progress.

42. DeMiThA Isn’t ready for prime time because DeMiThA has not researched, has not built a plan, has not designed a budget, has not read this entire thread, has not read the Wiki, etc. Is complaining about things that all of this would resolve!

43. zaki titou Living a self actualized failure. Not willing to take action, unwilling to be positive and push forward. Never follows through with projects.

44. ragnarkar unwilling to invest in business. Complains about investment or spending money to earn money. Has no grounding or understanding of business and is unwilling to accept taking a responsible role in business. Expects everyone else to the work without having to do it personally.

45. Exo Fear of loss, fear of failure, and fear of losing money. When operating from fear, you destined to lose. Sees all failures as a loss and allows failures to perpetuate fear of loss as if it were a self filling prophecy.

46. Ruann Feels the need to be a techie in order to be a marketer. This is not so at all. You will learn some techie stuff along the way, but you don’t have to aspire to be a techie. Most marketers never reach a level of being called a techie. We hire techies!

47. Brixter02 Is letting small things felt in the way. Just pick the tools and get on with it. Pick a tracker and get a landing page builder. Plenty of options for this. Choose them and get on with it. Don’t let the little things slow you down or stop you from moving forward.

48. raj14 Feels that figuring this out is a mystery to be solved. In some ways it is, but that’s a good thing. This is true for all of us all of the time and this will never end. It’s all about figuring out new formulas, always. Thinsk that there is too much information, this is never true. There is never too much information, not ever! Also, thinks,that couses for thousands may be the answer, sometimes they are helpful, but are not necessary to accomplish ones goals in this business. This community has all of the same information, one just needs to spend time studying and implementing to find the “gold in them thar hills”!

49. Mareslo Another fear of failing. Honestly, it never ceases to amaze me that people in any way allow this type of thought to enter their mind. Understand this, “YOU WILL HAVE FAILURES!” We all do, everyday! No one is 100% in all they do in this business. We do “trial and error” in all parts of our business everyday. Also, has the mindset that everything is complicated. Not so, but there is a lot that is comprehensive. This simply means there are a lot of moving parts, so to speak. It’s a business, every business has lots of facets. Anyone that thinks this business has lots of facets, try going into Real Estate, or a Law Profession, or a Medical field, or the Restaurant biz. By comparison, this industry is like learning to use an Easy Bake oven!

50. Erroshay Not a problem solver, too much of a worry wart about the small things like getting a grip on landing pages, banners, and other creative stuff we use. Gave up here after only five posts. This business requires getting an education, setting a budget, and taking action. She started taking action, and then gave up. A total lack of commitment!

51. Annabella101

52. AarontheHumble

53. raynoldclare

54. eBoki

55. davidper

56. jakon

57. Red


Look At The Patterns Everyone! You will see that everyone has many things in common here. More on this after we get a few more members posting in here. Be sure to read all of the responses.


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