September 29, 2020·9 min read

Video marketing for real estate can help you stand out from other realtors, make connections with potential home sellers and buyers, and ultimately sell more properties.

As anyone who’s ever checked out a “spacious two bedroom” in New York City and found it was just a shoebox knows, real estate photos aren’t always accurate. And consumers and buyers know it. Snapshots alone can’t really convey light quality, neighborhood vibe, or character. If your property has all those things going for it, you ought to show them off. You ought to use real estate video.

The same way photography and the internet supercharged MLS networks in the 1980s, so video is transforming the business today. It’s allowing brokers, realtors, and agents to show, not tell, and to make a connection from half a world away. This translates into both commercial and residential sales. Today, 44% of home buyers start their search online and 73% of sellers are more likely to list their home with an agent who uses video, reports the National Association of Realtors. Half of all brokers say real estate video marketing is a big part of their strategy.

Watch and Learn

Want to learn about using video for real estate? We made a video version of this blog so you can do precisely that!

In under five minutes, Vidyard’s Social Media Manager Charlie Rogers explains why you should use video, what kinds of real estate videos you can make, and some best practices for creating and using them effectively.

What makes video so effective for agents? Many say it helps them:

  • Explain things more clearly: It’s easier to show how spacious a property is.
  • Book more meetings: Video messages (sent via email or social media) are 40% more likely to be opened, 37% more likely to be clicked, and 3x as likely to earn a response.
  • Save time: Once made, videos can be reshared, and you can add custom introductions to make old clips feel new.
  • Drive deals forward: Resolve questions faster, showcase more amenities, and cement a personal connection.

Video is also useful for people in a variety of realty roles:

  • Sell side agents: Show your property in the best possible light.
  • Buy side agents: Attract leads with video testimonials.
  • Brokers: Save time, develop your image, train agents.
  • Builders: Increase demand, sell faster.
  • Architects: Convey your property the way it was meant to be conveyed.
  • Inspectors: Explain, capture, and document.
  1. Contents
  2. 1.13 Real Estate Video Ideas
  3. 1.1 Cold Outreach Videos
  4. 1.2 Social Media Videos
  5. 1.3 Customer Testimonial Videos
  6. 1.4 Warm Followup Videos
  7. 1.5 Neighborhood Video Tours
  8. 1.6 Property Video Tours
  9. 1.7 Real Estate Drone Video Tours
  10. 1.8 Realtor Profile Videos
  11. 1.9 Educational Real Estate Videos
  12. 1.10 Property Contract Walkthrough Videos
  13. 1.11 Live Videos and Ask Me Anythings (AMAs)
  14. 1.12 Training Videos
  15. 1.13 Recruiting Videos
  16. 2.When Should I Hire a Professional Videographer?
  17. 3.How to Make a Real Estate Video that Sells
  18. 3.1 Use the Right Equipment
  19. 3.2 Spend Most of Your Time in Pre-Production
  20. 3.3 Write a Script But Don’t Stick to it
  21. 3.4 Dress for the Audience
  22. 3.5 Use Subtle Background Music
  23. 3.6 Use GIFs to Grab Attention
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