I wanted to start a Follow along much earlier but I didn’t think I was ready to start a follow-along. (In my Head I thought if I didn’t have a campaign running or better yet a bust campaign why? because I wouldn’t be able to face someone and then keep asking questions when I clearly don’t know anything or haven’t yet done anything to show that I am committed to this)

Well as of a few hours ago.
My first Bust Campaign Happened and even after some guidance from sheenue the campaign was still bust (Big shouts to sheenue for responding to my messages) and it wasn’t caused of sheenue, it was my under learning or better yet not fully understanding how to do things or looking at things.

Any newbs out there, you might want to take a page from honeybadger and seriously work through profitability of your campaigns and budget goals, etc.

Campaign 1:
Traffic Source:BymyAds
Affiliate Network:Evadav
Tracker: None

I’m just trying to test or copy test to see if I can do a sheenue campaign before moving to better-paying verticals.
First Mistake: Not learning the platform, well it’s not like I know it now but I know more than I did before…
Didn’t understand how to split test using the pop landing page smart links, well I couldn’t even find the pop landing page initially.
Picked out 3 pop landing page, learned how to understand UTM postback and macros and
1) US, GB, UZ, – Geo
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As you can see below, i immediately ran into bot traffic out of the gates and 1.63$ gone. even with the rules set-up since or maybe I mismanaged which I don’t know the bad zone was able to run me down that amount. I am still using a single link to a single Evadav widget. I learned the SmartLink part after multiple read-throughs of the forum between this and the next campaign.

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I stopped the traffic and looked through and added the zone to all campaign’s blacklists. and traffic eating my budget came down.
Fortunately, the other UZ zone worked good and

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CTR working at 4% :shocked: but I still did something stupid.
I didn’t check the rates properly or to put it better, I didn’t understand the campaign well enough to know that I was making a loss.
and when I realized that 0.43$ was spent and earnings on hold were 0.30$ ( I don’t know if this number might change in time so this is an estimate)

Spent: 2.08$
Earnings: 0.32$

With my newfound or realized knowledge. it was round 2 time.

Made 6 widgets and used the SmartLink from Evadav cabinet to create 3 more campaigns with accurate data.
How much budget per country.
What CTR is required to be profitable
and if CTR is reached will the campaign be profitable.

The campaign is still ongoing and I will post them soon as I have something concrete.
Basing it on 1000 clicks and decreased the landing pages.

if there’s a better way do let me know.

Reason for not going to an affiliate network.
well, I did try to get into a few.
Zeydoo got rejected
Mylead accepted
click dealer and gotzha didn’t apply.
leadbit – only nutra which I don’t know “yet”.
Adcombo- want proof of payment. or Nutra only.

I want to work with very few networks so keeping the applications to a minimum.

I figure’d at this point that I’d try to at least make 10$ before starting with affiliate networks for my own good and theirs. (I don’t want to ask for spoon feeding since they might already have their hands full with someone who can actually do something worthwhile for them at the moment.)

Been learning for the last week, Aiden’s huge list of PDF, honeybadgers SEO follow along, and several others.
If you think a resource could help please by all means.

Websites owned – Yes
Tracker – Bemob and binom (Could go with either in the future)

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