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Pinterest users rely on the platform to help them decide what to buy. Make sure they see your product in its best light by taking advantage of Pinterest video options.

Pinterest has always stood out among its social-platform peers as a community that drives meaningful user engagement. So it’s not surprising that Pinterest users are twice as likely to say their time on the platform is well spent, versus other social networks.

Unlike other social networks built around the immediacy of sharing, Pinterest is a community geared toward planning for future life events—weddings, home renovations, vacations, a new meal plan, or an updated gym routine. Pinning is a visual and aspirational act. And pinners are building a vision board for their futures.

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  2. 1.What Are the Benefits of Using Video on Pinterest?
  3. 1.1Pinterest Users Have an Appetite for Video Content
  4. 1.2Pinterest Gives Video Prime Placement
  5. 1.3Video Drives Pinterest User Action
  6. 2.How to Use Pinterest Video to Engage Your Audience
  7. 3.Pinterest Linked Videos
  8. 4.Video Pins
  9. 4.1Specs for Video Pins
  10. 4.2Best Practices for Video Pins
  11. 4.3How to Share a Video Pin
  12. 4.4How to Measure the Success of Your Video Pins
  13. 5.Pinterest Video Ads
  14. 5.1Specs for Pinterest Video Ads
  15. 5.1.1Standard Width Promoted Video
  16. 5.1.2Maximum Width Promoted Video
  17. 5.2Best Practices for Pinterest Video Ads
  18. 5.3How to Share Pinterest Video Ads
  19. 5.4How to Measure the Success of Your Pinterest Video Ads

Because of the aspirational side of pinning, Pinterest users are also very open to engaging with brands on the platform, if that content is relevant and useful to them. In fact, 90% of Pinterest users say the platform helps them decide what to purchase.

So how can your business engage with the visual, future-oriented audience of Pinterest in a meaningful way?

Pinterest video is a relatively new medium for engaging audiences. And because Pinterest is betting big that video content will resonate with its user base and drive more engagement, the platform is currently rewarding brands that produce quality video on their site with wide reach and prime content placement.

All that means businesses that invest in video marketing on Pinterest now could see a huge return on investment, reaching new audiences and converting more loyal customers.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Video on Pinterest?

While investing in an emerging medium like Pinterest video may seem like a risk for your business, there are several compelling reasons to include Pinterest in your video marketing plans.

Video is a perfect fit for the DIY ethos of Pinterest. Video is a highly visual tool that fits naturally with a highly visual social network. Here are some of the top reasons why you should develop a Pinterest video plan.

Pinterest Users Have an Appetite for Video Content

The main reason Pinterest introduced its latest video tools is that it was catering to its audience’s preferences and habits. According to the company’s own research, 75% of Pinterest users say they’re likely to watch video that interests them—that’s compared to 55% of users on other social media platforms. By producing the kind of video content Pinterest users want, like how-to videos and short-form storytelling, you can ensure you have an eager audience willing to engage with your content.

Pinterest Gives Video Prime Placement

To give its video tools a boost and reward businesses that use them, Pinterest prioritizes video content in internal search.

When users search for a topic, product, or brand, the first content that surfaces in their search results is relevant video content. Because of that key placement and because relatively few brands have jumped into Pinterest video, your business can get great exposure and engagement as an early video adopter.

Video Drives Pinterest User Action

Much like on other social networks, video content on Pinterest is a great tool for driving valuable interaction with your brand.

Research conducted by Pinterest found that 67% of its users were inspired by a video to take action. On the flip side, only 32% of users on other social networks said the same. With the right video strategy, Pinterest can help you turn casual browsers into committed buyers.

See It in Action

This quick video shows what Pinterest video ads look like in action, including how they show up in users’ feeds and how users can interact with them.

How to Use Pinterest Video to Engage Your Audience

Since it’s clear that Pinterest video offers a great opportunity to grow your audience and drive more sales, you need a better understanding of the video formats you can experiment with on Pinterest and get to know best practices for the platform, so you can make sure you’re sharing the best video content to resonate with your audience.

Pinterest Linked Videos

Probably the easiest way to get started with sharing video to Pinterest is to use linked videos. That just means that rather than uploading video directly to Pinterest, you’re simply pinning a link to a video that’s housed elsewhere, like on YouTube, Vimeo, or Vidyard.

There are two quick ways to pin linked videos:

  • Pin it Directly: Just as you’d do with an image, you can pin directly from the page where the video’s embedded or hosted. Just visit the page and use the “Pin It” Chrome extension. A window will appear so you can add a description, then click the button to pin the video.
  • Add a Link: You can also copy the URL of a video, navigate to Pinterest, click Add a Pin, paste the URL directly, and share it.

While linked videos are an easy way to experiment with video on Pinterest, you won’t see some of the same benefits you do with native video, including higher search placement and some auto-play options.

However, depending on where you’ve hosted your video, you may be privy to more advanced video analytics.

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Video Pins

Video pins are the name given to native video uploaded directly to Pinterest. Here are all the details you need to master video pins for your business.

Specs for Video Pins

It’s important that you use the proper specs for your video pins, so your content looks great on any device. Pinterest prefers square or vertical video, since 85% of its audience uses the platform on a mobile device.

  • File Type: mp4, mov or m4v
  • Encoding: H.264 or H.265
  • Maximum File Size: Up to 2 GB
  • Video Length: Minimum 4 seconds, maximum 15 minutes
  • Aspect Ratio: Shorter than 1:2 (width:height), taller than 1.91:1. Pinterest recommends making your videos square (1:1) or vertical (2:3, 9:16)
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