September 18, 2020·8 min read

Maximize your event investment by making video a cornerstone of your event marketing plan. Discover some of the best event marketing ideas that use video to deliver results.

Organizing and marketing an event isn’t easy. You can book the best venue, schedule the best speakers, and arrange the best catering—but the event will still fall flat if no one shows up.

Whether your event marketing is for in-person conferences or for online events like webinars, you have to drive prospective attendees’ interest, sometimes from half a world away.

This is especially true as COVID-19 restrictions relax. All those canceled live events will be looking to make up for lost time. How can the marketing plan for your event reach attendees through all that noise?

The answer is video. It’s one of the best event marketing strategies when it comes to driving engagement before, during, and after events. In this blog, we’ll cover how you can use video at every stage of your event marketing campaigns.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.Why Event Video?
  3. 2.How to Use Video Before the Event
  4. 2.1Build Hype with Event Promo Videos
  5. 2.2Make Connections with Pre-Event Sales Outreach Videos
  6. 2.3Extend an Irresistible Invitation with Personalized Video
  7. 3.How to Use Video During the Event
  8. 3.1Expand Your Reach with Event Live Streams
  9. 3.2Capture Customer Testimonial and Thought Leadership Videos
  10. 3.3Use Video Everywhere
  11. 4.How to Use Video After the Event
  12. 4.1Follow Up With Post-Event Videos
  13. 4.2Promote Event Videos and Reuse Content Afterwards
  14. 5.Start Using Video for Events

Why Event Video?

When you’re marketing your event, you need to show prospective attendees why they should choose your event over others.

The key is to generate excitement. Why do people go to concerts, football games, and comic cons? Because they’re exciting. You can talk all about the practical merits of your event, like the speakers and networking opportunities, but you’ll never be able to match that raw sense of excitement. Capture that sense of fun, freshness, and discovery for your business with awesome event videos.

Words, photos, and audio alone can’t convey the fun and connection of an event the way that video can. Video puts attendees right there in the action. They can see for themselves what makes your event special—and thus worth their precious time.

When it comes to event marketing, video is the gift that keeps on giving. You can use thoughtfully planned video all along the event marketing timeline:

  • Before the event to drive registration and virality
  • During the event to drive engagement
  • After the event to drive action (and remind attendees of the fun they had, inclining them to attend another event in the future)

In the next sections, we’ll cover the event marketing best practices that can set you up for success.

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How to Use Video Before the Event

Let’s face it: Your prospective attendees have tons of events vying for their time and attention. They’re overwhelmed and tuned out. In order to convince them to sign up for your event or drop by your booth on the show floor, you need to differentiate yourself.

Watch and Learn

Vidyard VP of Marketing Tyler Lessard explores three ways to drive pre-event excitement with video: Showcasing the on-site experience, creating personalized video invites, and sending personal outreach to prospective attendees.

Build Hype with Event Promo Videos

Think about the trailer for a blockbuster movie and the way it hypes you up to see the feature film. Your event promo video should do the same thing: Capture the highlights in one digestible package to get people excited for your event.

When creating a promo video for an event, combine previews of event content, mini-interviews with your speakers, and testimonials from past attendees into one irresistible whole.

Get flexible with your format: Try an event announcement, a ticket launch, a reminder, or even an event FAQ. Don’t forget to pair your video with a strong call to action (CTA) and an effective event landing page to drive those registrations.

Don’t have footage from previous events to show off? Get creative with your event marketing strategy. That’s what Influitive, a customer advocacy company, did with the 2016 edition of its Advocamp event.

Learn From the Pros

In a series of fun, lighthearted videos, Influitive told the story of a summer camp for marketers, led by the charming Camp Counselor Buck. The Advocamp 2016 event marketing campaign crushed engagement numbers when compared to both the previous year’s event and to industry standards. The pre-event email marketing effort drove:

  • A 29% open rate (vs. 16.1% in 2015)
  • A 5.5 click-through rate (vs. 0.7%)
  • A 18.7 click-to-open rate (vs 4.5%)

Make Connections with Pre-Event Sales Outreach Videos

One way to spur event attendance is by connecting directly with prospective attendees. Directly targeting prospects with individualized videos makes your event (and your brand) stand out.

Your sales team can accomplish this with just a webcam and a few minutes. (If you can get your speakers to create outreach videos too, even better!)

Invite potential attendees to register, or ask confirmed registrants to book a meeting with one of your attending sales reps. It’s a low-cost but high-impact way to create those personal connections that really drive attendance.

Learn From the Pros

In this pre-event personal outreach, sales rep Benny Hua lets his prospect know he’ll be at the event and where to find him.

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Extend an Irresistible Invitation with Personalized Video

Hype generation and individual outreach are powerful ways to draw in attendees, but it’s even more effective to personally invite people through video.

Driving attendance is about getting attention and personalization makes people take notice. Think about how great it feels to receive an invitation to a party or a wedding—especially when the invitation is personalized for you. Make your attendees feel the same way.

Marketo has made personalized video work for its annual Marketing Nation Summit. For the 2018 event, Marketo created conference videos that invited prospects to attend using a unique blend of excitement and personalization.The video led to a 36% higher open rate and a 144% greater click-through rate.

Learn From the Pros

Marketo’s personalized outreach for the Marketing Nation Summit lampshades mistargeted advertising to highlight how powerful personalized video can be.

thumbnail showing what personalized video looks like

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