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Hi, dear affiliate :)

Two interesting things happened to us last week! And we are happy to share it with you!

#1 We hosted the first international Nutra meetup in Kyiv



It was extremely interesting to combine the business program and the party at such an unusual place. And even the rain didn`t scare us off and let us get to know each other better in a more intimate atmosphere instead.

It is nice that you keep requesting the presentations from our speakers. For example, everyone enjoyed the speech of Eduard Turlo!

An interesting fact: a lot of people came from different countries to meet our speaker Domenico Di Tullio in person. People asked at the entrance “where is Domenico?”, “We came to meet Domenico ”, “please show us Domenico, we’d like to talk to him”. Domenico is very pleased to know that!

Guests appreciated the opportunity to relax and to have an evening pool swimming, and most importantly networking in the relaxing atmosphere. One of the most pleasant moments was when everyone could relax in the chairs, make new contacts and enjoy socializing.

For us, as for those who`ve held a nutra-event for the first time in Ukraine, it was nice to see all affiliate marketing mastodons and trendsetters together.

We are a part of the local community now and we have a strong intention to keep this line in the future.

Soon we will post all the photos and video from the event. Share your thoughts and wishes to Dante @Freedom_Dante

We also had a pleasure to have guests from Germany, Italy and English-speaking participants. We provide all of them with language assistants. And we will send you adapted presentations and videos upon request.

The fact that people travel to another country to watch and listen to our speakers is very significant and means a lot to us.

Thanks to all the participants and speakers!

See you soon!

#2 New section!

While everyone had a good time at NutraTechConf, we are not sitting still. We have prepared a new Friday’s traditional section.

From now on, every Friday we will present you a set of cards that will help you to penetrate into the nuances of CPA marketing, especially in trending areas. It will also help to drive overseas traffic



You can find all the cards by hashtag #nutrateka

The first set of cards is already waiting for you on our FB page:)

Go ahead, have a good swipe and write in the comments, what would you like to know about CPA-marketing.

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