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Trellian’s premium domain redirect traffic has been the preferred choice among top affiliates, advertisers, marketers, lead generators, and startups worldwide for over 10 years! Clients bid on keywords to acquire high quality, relevant traffic in all top verticals using our intuitive self-managed RTB platform.

✔ Keyword + RON Campaigns: 200+ GEOs | All Verticals
✔ Pinpoint Targeting: Desktop vs. Mobile, OS, and more!
✔ Campaign Optimization: Whitelisting, blacklisting, A/B URL testing and more!
✔ Cost-Effective Pricing: With our proprietary real-time bidding platform, businesses of all sizes can acquire relevant traffic at prices they can afford based on their budget. You choose how high or how low you want to bid on specific keywords and subIDs.
Account Manager: Each account is assigned an account manager/traffic specialist. Your account manager is there to answer questions in the beginning as you learn our self-serve platform and will make suggestions to ensure you are set up for success! This includes things like keyword selection, bid strategy, campaign optimization, and everything in-between.

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