June 15, 2020·7 min read

Great news: Video isn’t just for prospecting (though it’s very effective there). You can use it throughout the sales cycle to capture attention, keep deals moving forward, and close new business.

The simple answer to the question of where should you use video in the sales process is: Where would you like higher conversions, more responses, and faster deals?

Doing deals is about building relationships and trust. Video helps you coach prospects to find value in your offering, so why wouldn’t you use it at the stages where the stakes are highest?

Shikha BindraDocuSignSenior Manager of Market Development

Video for sales gets a lot of well-deserved attention for its early-stage, attention-grabbing power, but the video connection only grows more useful through the sales cycle.

We’ll explain how to improve your communication at every stage—especially the later ones.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.Grab Prospects’ Attention
  3. 1.1 Break Through Inboxes
  4. 1.2 Breathe Life into Your Value Proposition
  5. 1.3 Perfectly Time Your Follow-Ups
  6. 1.4 Secure More Event Meetings
  7. 1.5 Crack More Accounts in Account-Based Selling
  8. 2.Move Deals Forward to Close
  9. 2.1 Cut Your No-Show Rate in Half
  10. 2.2 Reinforce Account Handoffs
  11. 2.3 Send Unforgettable Follow-Ups
  12. 2.4 Reduce Back-and-Forth
  13. 2.5 Keep Deals Moving with Micro-Demos
  14. 2.6 Increase Win Rates by Explaining Proposals
  15. 2.7 Video Sales Training for Your Team
  16. 3.Grow and Retain Customers
  17. 3.1 Improve Retention Rates with Warm Handoffs
  18. 3.2 Resolve Customer Issues Faster
  19. 3.3 Increase Customer Satisfaction
  20. 3.4 Find More Up-Sell Opportunities
  21. 3.5 Re-Engage Customers Who Have Gone Dark
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