@CPV Lab Pro, what an approach.. I feel bad for you really.

So you are a partner for Robert in CPV Lab and you charge CPV Lab customers for $100? I have no idea why you would do that for your customers if you really what you say you are.

What I know from Robert and old CPV Lab team that you are just the developer (you don’t even have a email @ cpvlab.com like me Robert and Samantha) who was working on the code and you were getting paid monthly from Robert for work you do and you have already confirmed that when I called you in May and because he disappeared in April without sending you your pending payments and you decided to take the code, create CPV Lab Pro, take CPV Lab documentations and videos, users testimonials and customers contacts database (Which you legally have no right to access to) and email them randomly.. that is not mentioning the Ddos attack that was performed on CPV Lab license server right after that mass email was sent by you to CPV Lab users.

So basically, you are not a partner in Revenue Science Labs Inc which is the legal owner of CPV Lab and all CPV Lab copy writes are reserved to and you are someone who is just hungry for $100 from 5,000 thousand user of CPV Lab.

You can do your business Radu and I wish you all the best if you really have business to do in marketing and affiliate field but the way of calling people with bad things and jumping on other threads to put a bad reputation mark is really mean and low.

I hope I will not see any interfear from you again and if you are confident of what you do then you shouldn’t attack others who are trying to do their living like you.

CPV Lab components browsecap, wurfl and GEO IP Are components sold over internet so not because I put a similar interface to CPV Lab’s it means I stole it. Shame on you man.

And I’m more than happy to hear from your legal as you call.

And for everybody here who is seeing this post, I provide switching to from CPV Lab to SYC Tracker for free and I offer any non-CPV Lab user a free one monthly usage plan to try SYC Tracker.

Thanks only for people here who respect others and who have manners,


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