June 8, 2020·7 min read

What actually goes into planning, producing, and promoting an award-winning video campaign? Discover how we created our Telly-winning holiday video.

It may not surprise you to hear that the Vidyard marketing team publishes a lot of videos. Social videos, demo videos, promo videos—the list goes on.

But our annual holiday video is always one of our very favorite productions of the year. While we like to be creative with all of our content, this is the one where we really get to have some fun and test the limits of personalization. And I must say, our team has come up with some amazing concepts.

And thankfully, we’re not the only ones who think so. In addition to getting some incredible reactions from our customers over the years, our 2019 holiday video has won a prestigious Telly award in the Business-to-Business Video Campaign category.

So, what made it such a big success? What can your marketing team learn from it? Let’s unwrap this campaign to find out—and be sure to stick around until the end for a very special treat.

Our Award-Winning Video

What does a Telly award-winning video from a B2B tech company actually look like?

In our case, it looks an awful lot like cheeky pop culture references with a personal touch.

Our two-minute video featuring employees dressed up as their favorite holiday movie characters—Clark Griswold, Buddy the Elf, Cindy Lou Who, and of course, John McClane—was no ordinary holiday greeting for our customers.

It was playful, it was relatable, and it was entirely different from the barrage of disposable holiday greetings received from dozens of other vendors. It also had a creative flare that made it very difficult to ignore: The video was personalized for each individual viewer, bringing them into the story in unforgettable ways.

Watch the story unfold for a viewer named Jesse:

If you work for a big brand agency or media company, a Telly award may not seem like that big a deal. Teams at Disney, CBS Interactive, HBO, BBC, and Red Bull routinely win Telly awards for their amazing commercials and brilliant storytelling—even in the B2B categories.

But for our small marketing team who produces content (not commercials) for a niche audience on a very modest budget, an award like this is an incredible honor and proof that we’re doing something right.

How We Put Together Our Award-Winning Video Campaign

What actually goes into planning, producing, and promoting and award-winning video campaign? Read on to learn how we created ours.

Planning: Focus on the Four E’s of Video

Video has a lot going for it. Compared to static content formats, it offers a number of unique characteristics that can help you transform the way you connect with prospects and customers.

To deliver your own award-worthy B2B video content (or even just an amazing product explainer), be explicit about tapping into video’s unique attributes, something we call the four E’s of video.

  1. Educational: Thanks to its visual and audible nature, video is more educational than other content formats. It can be used to explain complex ideas in ways that are faster to process and easier to retain.
  2. Engaging: Video can also be far more engaging than the written word. Whether you’re telling a bold story or explaining a new product, there’s no better medium for creating curiosity and holding attention.
  3. Emotional: Whether you’re inspiring your audience or making them laugh, video allows you to deliver a message that is more emotional in nature, helping you connect on a much deeper level.
  4. Empathetic: The transparent and personal nature of video helps you demonstrate empathy for your audience by showcasing the humanity of your people and delivering messages that are thoughtful, genuine, and authentic.

We started the planning process for our video by clearly identifying which of the four E’s we would focus on during this production. Given our primary goals were to delight our audience and build brand affinity, we set out to make this video engaging, emotional, and empathetic.

To accomplish that, we scripted a story that was interesting, funny, and highly relatable to our audience. Through the combined use of creative storytelling, relatable characters, and personalization technology, we built in hooks that sparked a sense of anticipation and pay-off at the end.

We offered a sense of true delight by bringing each viewer into the story, literally. We also cast our own employees as the characters (well, all except for one) to help deliver a message that was heartfelt and authentic.

If you’d like to incorporate the four E’s of video into your own content, grab this handy checklist for quick tips on how to put them into lights, camera, action! It’s a simple yet effective framework.

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