June 12, 2020·14 min read

Video is incredibly popular on Instagram—and you can harness that power for your business. Learn how to use in-feed video, Stories, Live, IGTV, and ads.

When Instagram entered the scene in 2010, it gave us a common aesthetic language. Suddenly, we were all citizen photographers and videographers, documenting every aspect of our lives from our coffee to our camping trips.

Today, with a global community of 1 billion users, Instagram is one of the world’s most dominant social platforms for video.

There are plenty of ways to share, from snappy, ephemeral stories to hour-long IGTV videos. No surprise, it’s got marketers talking.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.Benefits of Instagram Video
  3. 2.In-Feed Instagram Video
  4. 2.1Quick Tips for In-Feed Video on Instagram
  5. 2.1.1In-Feed Instagram Video Length
  6. 2.1.2In-Feed Instagram Video Orientation
  7. 2.1.3In-Feed Instagram Video Sound
  8. 2.1.4In-Feed Instagram Video Ideas
  9. 2.2How to Share a Video on Instagram
  10. 2.3In-Feed Instagram Video Insights
  11. 3.Instagram Stories Videos
  12. 3.1Quick Tips for Stories Video
  13. 3.1.1Instagram Stories Length
  14. 3.1.2Instagram Stories Orientation
  15. 3.1.3Instagram Stories Sound
  16. 3.1.4Instagram Stories Video Ideas
  17. 3.2How to Share a Story on Instagram
  18. 3.3How to Create a Stories Highlight
  19. 3.4Instagram Stories Insights
  20. 3.4.1Stories Impression Metrics
  21. 3.4.2Stories Interaction Metrics
  22. 4.Instagram Live Video
  23. 4.1Quick Tips for Instagram Live Video
  24. 4.1.1Instagram Live Length
  25. 4.1.2Instagram Live Orientation
  26. 4.1.3Instagram Live Sound
  27. 4.1.4Instagram Live Video Ideas
  28. 4.2How to Start Live Video on Instagram
  29. 4.3Instagram Live Insights
  30. 5.IGTV Video
  31. 5.1Quick Tips for IGTV
  32. 5.1.1IGTV Dimensions and Specs
  33. 5.1.2IGTV Length
  34. 5.1.3IGTV Orientation
  35. 5.1.4IGTV Sound
  36. 5.1.5IGTV Video Ideas
  37. 5.2How to Upload to IGTV
  38. 5.3IGTV Insights
  39. 6.Instagram Video Ads
  40. 6.1Quick Tips for Instagram Video Ads
  41. 6.1.1In-Feed Instagram Video Ads
  42. 6.1.2Instagram Stories Ads
  43. 6.1.3Instagram Video Ad Ideas
  44. 6.2How to Create an Instagram Video Ad
  45. 6.3Instagram Video Ad Insights

Benefits of Instagram Video

It’s not just users who love Instagram. Business is booming on the platform: 71% of U.S. businesses are on Instagram and, for B2C companies who can take advantage of Instagram’s Shopping feature to sell directly to consumers, that number is even higher. Case in point: 98% of fashion brands are on the app.

While B2C brands might stand to gain the most from Instagram, B2Bs shouldn’t write it off—at the end of the day, B2B buyers are still people, and there are hundreds of millions of them on the platform.

Whether you’re a small business or a global enterprise, there’s something for everyone if you find the right niche.

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In-Feed Instagram Video

Remember when heavily-filtered, square video was cool? Video has been a core part of the Instagram experience almost from the beginning. Since 2013, users have been able to upload videos right to their feeds.

While these days a square frame is no longer obligatory—and people tend to go easy on Valencia—the classic in-feed video remains an Instagram staple.

If you’re not posting videos in your feed, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Video posts on Instagram receive 38% more engagement than photo posts and twice as many comments, according to research by Mention and HubSpot.

In-feed videos are great for short, shareable, awareness-driving content. Since Instagram highlights “videos you might like” on the Explore page, they’re ideal for helping you grow your audience.

Learn From the Pros

The Economist animates important statistics in five to 10-second long clips on Instagram to inspire interest in their feature-length reporting.

Quick Tips for In-Feed Video on Instagram

In-Feed Instagram Video Length

Instagram allows users to post videos between three and 60 seconds long in their feeds. The sweet spot within those limits depends on the type of video you’re posting—animated messages can be less than 10 seconds long, while teaser videos might be closer to a minute.

In-Feed Instagram Video Orientation

Instagram lets you upload video in landscape, portrait, or classic square. Pick the format that will best frame your content—a simple animation might look best square while a selfie video might feel more natural in a vertical format.

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