List of 10 places to find free images, graphics and photographs for commercial use on affiliate marketing websites, with no fees.

  1. Friends – Got 5,000 friends on Facebook? See if they have an image for you.
  2. Your Smartphone – Have you taken a photo yourself that you can use?
  3. Wikipedia & Wikimedia – Many images are in the public domain and unlicensed
  4. Screenshot from Earthcam – Find a webcam, freeze the image and screenshot it
  5. Screenshot from video – Same as webcam
  6. Media galleries – Most official tourism websites have free photo and video galleries
  10. Google Images – Great place to find images, and the licensing rules are changing, see today’s post Make the licensing information for your images visible on Google Images

You can get a lot of traffic to your website from Google Images. Try to use unique pictures, not those from stock galleries. Google has scanning software which can give images that are commonly used a lower score than those that it hasn’t found elsewhere. If you want to write a great caption show the image to other people and see how they describe the image. A good image should be broadly described by others in the same way.

(*Read licensing information and any follow applicable laws, and it’s always a good idea to attribute other people’s work)

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