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You can use demo videos to explain and sell your product. They speed up buying cycles and save your time. Learn the secret to recording captivating demos.

Think about the last infomercial you saw, maybe showing the amazing qualities of some revolutionary cleaning product (Shamwow, anyone?). Imagine the most recent time you went to a big box store and there was someone there showing off the features of a fancy new blender.

These displays can be borderline mesmerizing. But why? There’s just something about seeing a product in action that piques peoples’ interest and captures their attention.

That’s why your business needs demo videos.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.What is a Demo Video?
  3. 2.Benefits of Demo Videos
  4. 3.Types of Demo Videos
  5. 3.13 Main Types of Demo Videos
  6. 3.2Common Demo Video Styles
  7. 4.Demo Video Channels
  8. 5.Demo Video Strategy
  9. 6.Tips for Recording Demo Videos
  10. 7.Demo Video Best Practices
  11. 8.9 of the Best Product Demo Videos
  12. 8.1 RouteThis Product Teaser
  13. 8.2 PostBeyond Two-Minute Product Tour
  14. 8.3 Vidyard’s 3-Minute Product Tour
  15. 8.4 Woodway UK’s Hands-On Demo
  16. 8.5 Theta Lake’s Integration Demo
  17. 8.6 SalesLoft’s Product Overview
  18. 8.7 Engagio’s Product Overview
  19. 8.8 Hootsuite’s Feature Overview
  20. 8.9 Lyft’s App Update Demo

What is a Demo Video?

A demo video (short for product demonstration video) is a practical exhibition of how something works to educate your viewer. For example, showing how to use software, setting up a new device, or explaining a complex topic. Keep your product videos simple. If you focus on solving the viewer’s immediate problem, they can be a powerful, repeatable sales and marketing tool.

Watch and Learn

Blake Smith, Vidyard’s Creative Director, takes a look at demo videos, explaining what they are and how to make a good one. Along with Mat King, Vidyard’s Video Production Manager, he breaks down an example product video to highlight what goes into creating an effective one.

Benefits of Demo Videos

The biggest benefit to recorded demo videos is that they’re repeatable. An unlimited number of viewers can watch the same information in video format, which is a lot more approachable than a long block of text.

Demos also provide entertainment value: People love videos, which take very little mental effort to consume, and many buyers expect them.

Demo videos are:

  • Repeatable
  • Entertaining
  • Great at explaining things simply
  • Inexpensive
  • Personal

Demo videos about your product, also known as product videos, help get true information about your product in front of buyers early in their buying cycle, which can generate more qualified and faster-moving leads. Buyers who watch product demo videos early on are more resistant to misinformation from competitors, making this an incredibly valuable type of video.

“Product-level demo videos are a fantastic way to free up time and empower sales reps. It can also help qualify prospects early on in the deal cycle before they commit to a full demonstration.”

Stephanie YiVidyardSenior Solutions Consultant

Types of Demo Videos

There are several ways to record a demo video, and it’ll largely depend on your product or service. If you sell something physical, you can set up a smartphone, laptop, webcam, or digital camera to record you. If you sell something intangible like a service or software, you can use a screen recording tool to capture your computer or smartphone screen.

Of course, don’t rule out good old fashioned presentations. Record yourself speaking in front of a whiteboard, projector screen, or audience—or use a screen recorder to share your slides with narration.

3 Main Types of Demo Videos

There are three main types of demo videos that businesses can leverage to educate people about their product.

  1. Recorded Demo: A pre-recorded step-by-step walkthrough.
  2. Live Demo: A live step-by-step walkthrough via video conference.
  3. Overview Demo: A brief explanation of what your product does without much detail.

Common Demo Video Styles

While there are lots of different ways to record a demo, there are few demo video styles that tend to be more popular than other options.

  • Desktop screen capture
  • Desktop screen capture plus selfie webcam capture
  • Smartphone screen capture
  • Live demo, via teleconference
  • Animated product demo video
  • Live action video of you talking
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