Wow, that’s a lot of symbols in one post, Eugene. :rofl

First of all, welcome to AffiliateFix! We’re glad that you’re here.

I’ve moved this thread to the Introductions forum and as I’m sure you’ve noticed, did a bit of nip and tuck on both your post and your thread title. We’re a community, not a free classified ads site. ;)

That said, we do have a way that you can promote within our TOS. Please follow the instructions posted above by Graybeard to submit a vendor application. Do not skip reading the requirements, or it will likely take longer to get approved as we go back and forth, with me asking for the missing criteria.

Well, I only got a couple of emojis in my post but hope you feel welcome, anyway. :)

Let us know if you need help with your application. Until you are approved, please remember what Graybeard said and do not promote, recruit or solicit here.

Enjoy the forums, Eugene!


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