The one-click platform that I am familiar with:
*one-click* is a api used in by adult program owners (membership porn sites).

There are a few large third-party billing processors (aggregated merchant accounts for credit card transactions) that offer a one-click service to cross sell their members to other merchants in their mutual payment processing network — a rev-share commission is paid.

Sort of like an Internet payment wallet — adult sites are high risk for credit card processing — so are many Internet mainstream sites BTW.

They hijacked the term I guess … BTW, the above still requires a second click to approve the transaction — the true meaning of that one-click is that you can buypass the sign up form — your credit card info is retained (PCI-DSS certified) like at Amazon. However, Amazon does have real one-click transactions.

CPI in app referrals I consider 2 click: once in the app then at the point of distribution (PlayStore, iTunes, other out of network unapproved apk’s, etc).

I once set up a SOI email join *one click* for an adult webcam site — however — there was a second click to open the site logged in as a member. We did not payout on a email api signup but the person registering became a part of that affiliate’s rev-share account so it the customer ever did buy — the affiliate would make money. The api was discontinued because it was not used much mainly.

I know there are some adult dating websites out there doing similar. There are other email joins at some of the adult webcam sites — these pay $0.10 to $4.00 depending on the country of the user signing up. I don’t know if Somalians are even worth a dime :D

Graybeard, Feb 15, 2018


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