A Beginner’s Guide to Remote Prospecting

A Beginner’s Guide to Remote Prospecting

June 7, 2021·18 min read

Virtual selling has changed the world of sales forever, so your plays need to adapt. That’s why we created a super stealable remote prospecting playbook, a step-by-step guide to remote selling.

Remote prospecting is on the rise due to the ability to access more markets, save money on travel and reach larger audiences across social media landscapes. But when it comes to the most effective way to prospect remotely, what’s the winning playbook?

Vidyard sales reps pioneered using video for prospecting as they had the perfect tool in their back pocket for years. Because of this, our teams have perfected the ability to connect with prospects virtually in a meaningful way while still driving conversions. Now that many organizations have gone virtual or hybrid, the market is finally catching on that user-generated video is an effective and, frankly, essential sales tool to any prospecting cadence.

With all the knowledge gained from this diverse landscape, we decided to put together a super accessible and stealable remote prospecting playbook to help you on your virtual selling journey.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.How to Stand Out When Remote Prospecting, by Having a Template
  3. 2.Create and Embrace Your Own Brand as a Virtual Seller
  4. 3.The 4 Components of Effective Remote Prospecting Sequences
  5. 3.1Targeting Prospects
  6. 3.2Number of Steps
  7. 3.3Timing Between Steps
  8. 3.4Timing of Steps
  9. 4.The Best Type of Outreach for Remote Prospecting
  10. 4.1Email
  11. 4.2Phone Call
  12. 4.3Social Media
  13. 4.4Direct Mail and Virtual Gifts
  14. 5.A Step-By-Step Remote Prospecting Play for Virtual Sellers
  15. 5.1Vidyard’s Super Stealable Prospecting Play
  16. 5.2Remote Prospecting Play – Day 1
  17. 5.2.1Types of Video You Can Use
  18. 5.3Remote Prospecting Play – Day 3
  19. 5.4Remote Prospecting Play – Day 6
  20. 5.5Remote Prospecting Play – Day 9
  21. 5.6Remote Prospecting Play – Day 13
  22. 5.7Remote Prospecting Play – Day 16
  23. 6.Remote Prospecting Messaging Strategies
  24. 6.1Exercise 1: How to Write Effective Messaging
  25. 6.2Exercise 2: Hone Your Email Tone
  26. 6.3Exercise 3: Personalize Your Message
  27. 7.A/B Testing for Remote Prospecting
  28. 8.Commence Remote Prospecting

How to Stand Out When Remote Prospecting, by Having a Template

Every deal may be unique, but they begin to blur together, don’t they? It’s like watching a movie on repeat. Some patterns come into focus. Some personas grow predictable. Some actions congeal into a checklist. That’s why it pays to adopt sales plays.

If you can systematize your winning outreach patterns, you raise the bar for yourself and everyone on your team. If sales teams are provided with a template to work from, then reps can all start from the same baseline of prospecting techniques specialized to your team and more seasoned reps can take the templates and run with them. That way, everyone can innovate from a better and more streamlined baseline. And for all those who are busy and plan to follow whatever guidelines are provided, they’re put in a position to actually come across as personal.

Remote prospecting video with a persons face.

And if your team can be prescriptive by working from common templates, then you can be predictive. That is, when your sequences are built from a common set of calls, videos, voicemails, and emails, you can run A/B tests to learn which work best. You gather data not just from one individual but across the team, and it’s only by standardizing things at this level that you learn valuable lessons and pave the way for each rep to gradually brand themselves.

Yes, we said brand themselves. That same way prospects can blur together, so can salespeople. Buyers’ inboxes are flooded. All sensors are set to “ignore.” It’s a remote seller’s world and it’s only when someone who’s really perfected their process dares to be consistently different that they stick out. The strategy for being that politely persistent but unforgettable presence? It’s all within this guide.

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