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Not so long ago we gave a big interview for a large Russian-language forum of media buyers. We have translated this into English and are in a hurry to introduce you.
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How to work with Nutra in Asia?
Hi Alex, I know you were a direct advertiser earlier, please tell us a little of AffScale’s background for our readers, how you came to organize your CPA network?

Hey! Hello to all readers of FB-killa. I hope that the interview will be informative and valuable. Most importantly, it will introduce you to the world of Nutra in the Asian region.

That’s right, we started our journey as an offline advertiser in 2016 in Vietnam, but as the company grew, new sources of sales were needed, so by 2017 the Internet became such a source for us, namely CPA marketing.

By that time, we had already opened our call center and targeted only large volumes of sales. A good decision was to act as a direct advertiser for already large networks with partners and a ready-made traffic volume. Everyone benefited from this. We offer the networks a good pool of offers for the most popular niches that have already proven themselves offline. We knew our audience, and sales scripts were worked out – only traffic was needed from the networks, which we received in 2018. But we did not want to stop at one GEO.

Our partners in Indonesia and Thailand joined the company, who took responsibility for implementing a ready-made business model – we provided a scheme for building a call center, delivery, warehousing, and everything necessary for online sales of Nutra.


Were there any difficulties when opening such a business because Nutra is far from without offers and not even replicas, many CPA networks, and advertisers were burned with this region and were forced to leave altogether or close GEO data?

Of course, we are very familiar with this from colleagues with whom we work and who are forced to sell not their goods but use the services of advertisers, like us.

Here everything should be divided into two, at least – technical and legal. Let’s include programmers, marketers, the logistics department, the call center, and so on in technical terms. The legal and most important thing is that without the right package of documents, you will not be allowed to work, or instead, they will be allowed to work, but not for long. This is the main point of closing GEO data for many affiliates or identical offers in many networks since many advertisers do not “bother” and work before the first “abuse” by the authorities.

Still, in Vietnam, and in other GEOs where we work, it will not work according to the “CIS model” – a fake sender’s address, threats in the absence of a ransom from the mail, counterfeit certificates, and documents. With this strictly, and for this very reason, even from the moment of offline sales, all offers were initially prepared for certification, government-approved documents were received that we have the right to sell this particular offer.

Precisely this one – I mean that they get one license for one product, it won’t work to release capsules for prostatitis under the same name and then launch 5 more offers for prostatitis under the same license. The legal component of offers in Asia guarantees that the advertiser will not close tomorrow. This is important for us as a direct advertiser who has entered into an agreement on cooperation with third-party CPA networks. The networks, in turn, receive a guarantee of stable and quiet operation, the win-win theorem, as it is.

How many offers do you have now that you need to get a license for each one? As far as I understand, is there a license for every GEO and every offer?

At the moment, there are a little more than 80 offers, I cannot say for sure, but there are a lot. We add about 4-5 requests per month for sure. Yes, there are licenses for each offer. The point is that media buyers often ask for permits to launch advertising campaigns, and many grids are not allowed in without documents, so the third party also wins, apart from us and our CPA network partners.

If we talk about seasonality, how are things going with this in Asia? For example, in the CIS, it is clear that weight loss comes in in the spring, but in Vietnam, it is warm 24/7. What about weight loss or potency?

There is seasonality, and this can be known either by buyers who live in Asia or advertisers who have expertise in the region. As one of the chips, the boom in slimming offers starts in April and ends in July, but there is one but – this is only in the north of Vietnam, as there are four seasons there. So whoever wants to flood Vietnam – weight loss with a target on the northern regions is the most important right now.

Are rates low in Asia?

We are honestly surprised who has low rates? We are ready to give $ 42 for an actual application on Thai, we are monitoring competitors, and there are no such rates. It seems that only those partner networks who work through third-party networks or do not value their media buyers at all have low rates. We are ready to share the profit for good volumes.

Tell us about the approval for different GEOs and directions – where is more, where is less?

On average, the figures are: Vietnam: 38-45%, Indonesia: 40-50%, Thailand: 50-60%. It all depends on the source of traffic – Google Ads gives the coolest approval, then comes Facebook, then the native format, and finally push notifications.

Is there language complexity? Are there any problems with translators? How are things going with creatives and landing pages?

There is no language complexity; if it is about the support of partners, then we speak Vietnamese, English, and Russian. If we talk about the compilation of landing pages and landing pages, then they are developed by native speakers. They directly know the mentality, pain points, slang, etc. The design is also drawn by local designers so that everything is as good as possible.

If we talk about creatives and keywords, in the case of Google Ads, we help media buyers with translation. We only need a list of keys, and then they are handed over to colleagues, they translate both the access and stop words. The same goes for the creatives themselves.

It’s time to burn the springs from which they pour on Asia, is there something special?

First, of course, these are Google Ads, then Facebook, MGID, and last but not least, push notifications. I will also suggest local native grids: and – from here, you can upload Vietnam to us.

Tell us about the betting policy at AffScale? How does it appear, and how do you decide to whom to give out what rate?

The policy is straightforward – research on competitors to keep up and give a little higher. Next, we look at the volume of leads and increase the rates so that the buyer is interested in working with us.

Many buyers do not want to pour into Asia because they do not understand the mentality, language, and other difficulties with creatives, translations, etc… What do you think about this?

This fear is possible only if you work through resellers who cannot translate creatives by a native speaker. Still, we always help partners solve creatives, and in real-time, we look at which offers in which part of the country “enter,” sometimes, it is enough to turn off part of the country (I mean target) to gain profit. The reseller does not have such competence but will limit himself to general phrases – eliminate the “drain” sites, it works, but as a general point in optimizing an advertising campaign.

Nowadays, many affiliate networks offer offers for Asia. Aren’t you afraid of competition?

We are not afraid of competition, and we have years of work and an experienced team behind us. We have gone all the way as a direct advertiser with our call centers. Let those who came to this region and closed themselves with debts be afraid. In small steps, we went from private to the entire public, and there is nowhere to retreat.

A long way has been done, and “bending over” under the oppression of competitors means substituting the whole team that believed in you. As the company’s main motto – we want to become the best in the Asian Nutra market, and not just work and earn money, because our primary competence is Asian Nutra.

Let’s just talk about the team, by what criteria and keys is the team selected?

First and foremost, a person must have a talent for their work. In other words, he must be convinced that he was “born” to do this. Second, we pay our employees well. In conjunction with the first and second – it gives a psychological feeling: “I am also paid for this?” Third, we trust the employee with that part of the area of responsibility he wants to develop. All this reveals the employee’s potential to 100% and is psychologically protected from the so-called “emotional burnout.”


Earlier, when you were just an advertiser, without your CPA platform, you worked only with large CPA networks. Does this mean that now only large buying teams can visit you?

Here it is necessary to say about our principle of support and cooperation with any CPA networks, solo arbitrageurs, or teams – this is 4S: service, selection, savings, satisfaction. At all four stages, we achieve the most effective result. Since the support work is almost automated, even beginners are not left without attention, even if you have 50 leads today, but thanks to the 4S principle, we will try to bring the partner step by step to scale his satisfaction.

You have your call centers. Specifically, what advantages do I get? Many partner networks say, “We have our call centers.”

Of the main bonuses, we are primarily interested in quick and high-quality dialing, because we sell our goods. Your call center can be made to work on holidays, as it was not so long ago in Thailand. You can always promptly motivate your call center to promptly call, change the script in the course of traffic, test hypotheses, train, educate, a bunch of everything that no outsourcing will do. Our websites can always receive direct commentary on any refusal – ask the manager for id requests, he goes to the CRM and looks at all the reasons.

Moreover, affiliates receive advice from CC on how to “drain” traffic. There were times when the web poured wide and hit 50+. The pixel, seeing the leads, learned and delivered such leads, people refused the product because of their age, when it happened ten times, then the answer came from the CC: “Let such an affiliate will remove age over 50 from the target ”, the situation has improved to a plus. The call center employee received a bonus for this. His motivation for approval is very high.

Regarding information from the call center, how quickly does everything happen for the affiliate?


Usually, we inform in advance, 3-5 days before a specific event, that, for example, in Saigon, the end of the war holiday, the call center works in the same mode, but when working with traffic, take into account the local peculiarity and scope of the celebration, traffic may “float” in either side and in a hurry to sit and think something has fallen off and does not work – you need to wait out the holiday. We post all the detailed information on our Telegram channel – there is information about new offers, disabling old ones, which will be added shortly, etc.

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