Adplexity is one of the biggest and most advanced spy tools on the market. It’s also split into different options for push, mobile, native, desktop, adult, e-commerce and carriers.


Anstrex offers three different options for native, push and dropshipping. It’s a great and inexpensive tool which offers a lot of data insights.

The community appreciates Anstrex especially for it’s easy and clear interface, the best value for money and an impressive database with easily downloadable landers and creatives.


If you’re wondering why out of all the available options we decide to highlight the push versions of each spy tool, it’s because we needed a common ground for objective comparison while including this push-traffic-only spy tool — SpyPush.

The community is impressed by how easy and quick the response of the search flow is. The price and simplicity of the interface make the tool perfect for beginners.


AdPeriscope is a spy tool limited to adult advertising only. It’s created by the people from Anstrex so you might notice some similarities between the two products.

The community says the AdPeriscope does exactly what it promises. It’s a great tool with a massive inventory of adult ads. It’s also said to offer excellent value for money.


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