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Hey all,

i am looking for popunder traffic sources withot bot and convert for mainstream offer
I have tried propellerads and popads and popcash

They were all containing bots and iframs , which caused me a great loss, the percentage of visits that appeared in the statistics was 50% less of what i send , meaning i recive only 50% of the traffic that I was sending
And send a high cpm and always the same problem

. I am looking for the company that is the lowest in the percentage of bots
I hope to help please, I have lost a lot. I hope from those with experience in traffic

I have a few selected sources that interested me, can I know your opinions?
I intend to try it


I wish to recommend the lowest percentage of bots because as far as I know there is no company that is free of bots

I hope you understood me and I am sorry for my bad English. I hope you will not be stingy with my help. I will be very grateful.

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