When it comes to marketing online, Adwords and SEO are similar aspects in a wide spectrum. It’s difficult to gauge their strength because they’re so different in comparison; whereas Google primarily focuses on organic search engine placement with its algorithm updates, paid ads often work faster when you want traffic right away but need a slower approach such as SEO (search engine optimization) for sustainable success over time.

Let me give you a prime example:

When you type in your google search bar: complete guide to dropshipping–this is an example of a long-tail keyword. This keyword is different from your usual ‘what is’ ‘when is’ or ‘who is’, it will generate more specific content, and people who search like this are more likely to know what they’re looking for. In my experience, revolving your Adwords around specific phrases / long-tail keywords rack up a better conversion, that’s why when you actually search that keyword on Google, you’ll get 4 ad pop-ups right away. But further down the line, you’ll see the top 3 websites that rank for this keyword organically. Let’s use the Red Stag article that popped up on the search results as an example. Opening and skimming through their post real quick, you can see that they litter keywords all-around their guide in hopes that SEO will do its trick.

If I were like any normal person searching for something on the internet, I wouldn’t even see the Ad word written up on top and click the first thing that pops up on google. But since I’m in the digital marketing / SEO field, I’d know that these people paid for this specific keyword to shortcut their way to the top page of google. An immediate notion pops up in my head; they’re not confident about their content and paid their way through. This isn’t always the case, but more often than not, it is.

Adwords = if you have the money to spend, go for it but sustainability is not assured
SEO = a long-term and hard-earned achievement, but the ROI can take too long if you don’t know what you’re doing


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