Dear Affiliatefix forum members,
We’re happy to announce that over the past week we have launched a newly designed and fully features advertiser self-serve interface that was built by taking much of your appreciated feedback into consideration and focusing on what we do best in order for your campaigns to succeed.

A shortlist of features that are currently available in your self-serve advertiser account;
– floating web push ads – floating push ads are now available from a low bid of $0.0001 CPC.
– self-setup of push, pop, native and display ads campaign as per usual
– micro-bidding on display domains and pop zones (placements).
– campaign scheduling – schedule your campaign to run on specific days and hours.
– direct supply – our supply-side platform is boasting with premiums publishers across pop, display and push.
– improved location targeting – feature by country, state, city, coordinates (geo-fencing).
– creative and landing page rotation – upload as many creatives or LPs as you like, optimize for the winner
– S2S conversion tracking and MACROS – read more in our helpdesk
– Detailed real-time statistics
– Reporting and Campaign API – we will also be partnering with theoptimizer.io
– mobile-friendly interface – you can now scale your campaigns while driving! don’t though.
– deposit a minimum amount of $100 via PayPal, Paxum, Credit Card, or Wire transfer.
– XML / RTB integrations for premium demand networks

We will also be dropping our minimum thresholds to start campaigns in the month of June to a minimum. Campaign budgets can be set up for only $50, and daily cap can be set at $20 per day. Our bids per ad format have also been updated, read more on our website.

We are also extending an exclusive promotion to the members of this forum until the end of June 2020,
– new advertiser accounts will receive $10 added to their budget upon the first deposit of any amount.
– existing / active advertiser account will receive 5% cashback-bonus added to any deposit up to $5000 through wire-transfer.
*offer is limited

Our dedicated Support staff and Live Chat are available 24/7, but you can also find help in our detailed Knowledge base or here in this thread.

Register or sign in to your Advertiser account and get your launch bonus!


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