Video Marketing Professional Resources | Vidyard

Video Marketing Professional Resources | Vidyard

October 7, 2019·3 min read

Learn and master the art of using video for business with these online courses, virtual events, and other awesome free resources.

Learning new skills can help keep you engaged, make you more adaptable, increase your career opportunities, and even benefit your health.

Plus, it’s one of the big things that high performers—the people who get promoted—tend to have in common.

We put together this list of awesome FREE video resources to make it easy for you to make video the new thing you learn this week/month/year.

1. HubSpot Academy

HubSpot is an undisputed leader in the marketing world. Who better to learn video marketing from? (Except maybe us…)

Their free education platform, HubSpot Academy, includes a course dedicated to video: Start and Grow Your Video Marketing Strategy.

In under two hours, they cover strategy basics, types of content, production, and tracking.

2. YouTube Creator Academy

You’ve all heard the spiel—YouTube has 2 billion monthly users, it’s the second largest search engine, blah, blah, blah. You know YouTube’s important. So why not get the skinny straight from the horse’s mouth?

YouTube Creator Academy is full of information on nearly every aspect of using the platform successfully, from channel optimization to monetization. Dive into full courses or sample individual lessons depending on what you’re looking to find out. Either way, there’s a ton to learn.

Bonus: You can actually get certified as a YouTube expert (either as an individual or as a company.)

3. Fast Forward

We might be a little biased, but we think that Fast Forward, The Video Marketing Virtual Summit, is a great place to learn how to execute a killer video strategy. The cream of the crop when it comes to video resources (especially free ones).

And it’s not all video marketing either. Fast Forward has sessions on video production, video for sales, video for internal comms, and beyond.

The sessions provide live access to industry leaders—including pros like Andrew Davis, Jay Baer, Matt Heinz, and more—as well as practical tips for video production and actionable tactics to take your video strategy up to the next level.

Best of all—you can get all of this awesome educational content from the comfort of your office (or your couch, no judgement).

The 2019 edition of Fast Forward took place on November 14, 2019—but don’t worry, you haven’t missed a thing. You can still watch all of the 2019 sessions—and check out all the content from past editions of Fast Forward—on-demand at your own pace.

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