Haven’t posting since for awhile now, and now I’m back!


I feel like I have wasted so much of my precious time on having my mind running autopilot, or to be direct, lazy.

I had a plan, I want to work on. I have the money, getting paid consistently every single month from revenue I’ve made on YouTube. But I’m not dedicated. When you asked people surround you, “how can I get myself dedicated?”. You get several answers, and one of it was. When you feel pain, you will get motivated. So I spent whole lot of money on software and research tools. I feel the pain yeah. I get motivated yeah, only for awhile.

After spending so much of my time enjoying videos. One of it talks about the Ex-Prime Minister of my country, Dr. Mahathir. Spreading political messages during the general election in 2018. It was about, the Chinese bided on a railway project here, they aren’t hiring the locals but the workers from their own country, China, not buying the material from local manufacturer but shipped directly from China. He accused the Chinese were stealing the job opportunities from the locals, at least that’s the narrative he’s trying to push. I was thinking, it took more than 10 years for our locals to build a 50km long railway, but the Chinese took just 2-3 years to complete it. As for the material part, our road had lots of cracks and pothole even though they were recently patched. Then I was thinking, it must have some sort of reason why the Chinese were so successful.


The atmosphere in my country is that people worked in a slow-pace/relaxing mode, that could be the reason why I’m… Lazy.

I have this picture in my head, either I’m going to be part of the group that took 10 years to build a railway or, with hard efforts, shorten it down to 2-3 years.

And I named my thread, No Sweat No Gain.

I want to create a website, I realized that the niche I’m targeting were all filled with competitors on Google. But after having a deep look, they are mostly low-quality sites, very little among them are “The Elites”. I believe, I can beat them.

Now you question, how can you beat “The Elites”?

Raise your Pokemon’s level, and beat them! :cool:

What I mean is, provide more information/value than the elites can offer.

So, “The Elites” already had the advantages and ranking high on Google. Obviously if we were to fight at the same battleground, that’s nothing more but a battle of the amount of ammos. That way, I would have out of ammo very flashly!

My strategy for gaining traffic breaks into 2 sector.

1. Google Organic Searches
Instead of trashing money into giant keywords.

I’m investing on:
– Broad keywords
– Long-tail keywords.
– Question keywords.
– Buying-mode keywords*

2. YouTube Views
Create tutoring videos that alternatively drive traffic to my site.

We have to be clear on what you’re achieving, and how to get it there, also a to do list to remind you, you’re moving to the right path. Whenever a box is ticked, meaning the near the goal I’m reaching to.

[X] Get a domain name
[X] Get a hosting
[X] Buy a theme
[X] Setup the website
[?%] Prepare the list of keywords
[0.1%] Prepare 1,000 product review articles
[X] Setup YouTube channel
[5%] Publish videos
[ ] Integrates sub-niches
[ ] Hire a writer

[ ] Publish 5 Articles
[ ] Publish 25 Articles
[ ] Publish 100 Articles
[ ] Publish 300 Articles
[ ] Publish 1,000 Articles
[X] Publish 5 Videos
[ ] Publish 25 Videos
[ ] Publish 100 Videos
[ ] Publish 300 Videos
[ ] Publish 1,000 Videos
[X] Earned $0.01
[X] Earned $1.00
[X] Earned $100.00
[X] Earned $1,000.00
[ ] Earned $10,000.00

[ ] Earned $100,000.00
[ ] Earned $1,000,000.00

Sorry for my bad English, the truth is that I was paid by the Pharmacy store near you, so that when you gets a headache, they gets the donation from you! :p

So far what I have done is.

– I’ve registered a domain with a special domain extension, which isn’t .com, that wasn’t the case. I know many people argue the privilege .com has, over other domain extension, but with this extension. I could get the domain name I want without adding any hyphens, random numbers, or @realdonaldtrump

– I’ve the YouTube channel setup before this website, and had quite a few sales too. So, this niche works, no doubt.

– My friend shared me a wordpress theme he is using. Initially I thought it was difficult to install, but then I realize there this “demo content” plugin, that import all the pages showing the examples of all shortcodes, features and such. I’m saved from severe headaches!

– Opened a job task, recruiting writer for my site. I shortlisted 4 writers. 1 writer bided on my task, answered all the questions on the job list, but went disappeared after I’ve contacted him. 1 writer from Kenya. Asked for $2 per 100 words(which is considered high for them), wrote professional english during the conversation. Handed me a blanket statement article, within it was nothing but “do you know?”, “that is good”, “top notch services”, “better than”, “you must”. It was nothing about the company, zero technical terms. He thought I was a donkey living in papua new guinea

I’m looking for writer at the moment, the quality of the article is important, so I have to spend extra time on this.

To be continue…

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