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Wow, nice to get some luck of the Irish !!
Truth is that I’ve never ironed a four-leaf clover, because I didn’t want to press my luck :rofl
I’ve been following your threads and learned so much from them
@Binom Tracker @GriD @SEOBlogPosts @Sheenue @game333 @Rauldd @Demii @shaunm @victom @Wiley Harding @BMFDigital @Anthony. @Ben King @AmNovice
Even it’s a totally different niche you still learn things
When I see something smart in a follow thread (or any other thread, too many users to name) goes into my business plan – a working document that I constantly update and develop in order to stay on track
Affiliate marketing is a live learning process and nearly anyone can start earning commission with the right plan and commitment, but if you lose sight of either, then your train can come off the rails very quickly
The way forward for me will be niche affiliate sites with traffic from both earned and paid, but I haven’t decided about social media yet

  • Adult content
  • Online education courses (for jobs)
  • Seasonal fashion


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