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Hello friends!
We want to share with you not only our offers, but also our successful cases!
And our first case: Net profit of 33,000,000 roubles with UAC and what private offers we have in!

Welcome back my friends! My name is Danil Fokin, I am CEO of and today I will show you a very interesting case with really big sums. Please sit back, we begin our story of the case, which brought us 33,000,000 roubles. However, one day it brought minus 7,000,000 roubles for just a couple of hours :)

We will answer your questions:

– What is a hack application and how did we come up with this idea?

– How does the hack application work and what is inside?

– How was 7,000,000 roubles lost?

– How much did we actually earn on the hack-app?

– Where and how to generate traffic?

– Cost screenshots

– What is the result? What now?

Our idea is to integrate different schemes into the application!

I think it’s not a big secret that Artem Prokofiev during one of the MAC conferences told about “schemes with Telegram”, at that time it was only emerging market, and that with this approach you could have good ROI. You drive traffic from Facebook to Telegram and get 100-300% of ROI. Over time, thousands of webmasters, from beginners to pros, started to use this approach. Honestly, we can say that newbies just ruined this approach because they did not know how to work on the quality of traffic, or they just simply switched the channel from one casino to another in order to increase their profit by selling traffic in several places. The quality of traffic wasn’t good enough for casinos, and casinos started reducing rates and began to introduce strict KPIs, that led to the fact that the approach became obsolete.

However, we continued to work using this approach because our traffic quality was much better due to our extensive experience with such traffic, but soon it all ended.

At that time, it became popular to generate traffic to applications, where the quality of traffic was fine for advertisers only because there were push notifications and the application was on the working screen of users, so users returned much more often. And here the idea came, the idea to combine the schemes and apps into one thing, which turned out to be just an insanely cool idea.

Hack application: how does it work?

Hack application is an app that works with a built-in casino hacking algorithm. This is how it was presented to players – this is an application that allowed him to increase his chance of winning by 4-5 times in one click! The philosophy of mobile app was based on the algorithm to beat casino.

Ten managers worked 24/7 with sales funnels and with more than 50 scripts of how to communicate with such players were written. These managers handled requests of players in case of a loss and explained to these players the unique algorithm of the app, then gave new schemes to players.

Players downloaded the hack-app and saw a unique interface inside the casino product and on top of it, which is a magic switch and that increases the player’s chance of winning. Users played, then lost – then they returned to managers in Telegram or in the chat and here managers applied new scripts.

1. After downloading the app from the store, preset window (pre-landing) was presented to users which “configures the casino” to increase the probability of winning.


Application had the following structure:

1. This is a WEBVIEW app with a special interface inside it and with a preset window. Thus, a so-called “switch” was always in front of the player’s eyes, that cheated all casino algorithms and increased the chances of winning by 4-5 times.

After the registration, users received a welcome message that should send players to a 1 on 1 chat with the manager. From these type of chats, players were directed to Telegram chat and then managers again tried to influence players with scripts.

2. Several chats were integrated into the application:

• internal chat for all players, where they could communicate (there was a positive communication about winnings, that keep good climate among players).

• internal individual chat, where players could communicate one-on-one with the “app creator”. In such chat, there was only an autofunnel that directed players to Telegram.

• chat in Telegram where players could communicate with support – managers. In the TG, there were positive reviews, screenshots were posted to make users play more and more. In this chat there was a special manager who, with a changed voice, communicated with players.


An example of a 1v1 chat with an autofunnel + an example of a general chat:


Below I attach examples of posts and reviews.


How much we earned using this approach? Where and how traffic was generated.

Period: from October 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020.

Offer – Vulcan Club –

Conversion – from reg to dep 1k8-1k12, from instal to reg 1k10

Geo: Russia

Source: Google Ads – UAC

Rate: 50.5 $

Spent: 41 711 860 roubles

Earned: 74 573 540 roubles

ROI: 78.78%

The first traffic was in March 2019, but how much was spent / earned we will calculate from October 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020.

Examples of creatives:

Latest creatives:

Further, I think it will be interesting to answer the questions that you have.

Why we chose UAC and what is it?

At that moment we discovered UAC – these are universal mobile applications campaigns, Create an App campaign – Google Ads Help – we were among the first in our niche who generated traffic to the Russia from this source. We used agent accounts, ZaleyCash and others. The first tests in this source showed a phenomenal price of install, on average, 35 cents. Campaigns with expensive installs stopped, the rest scaled, increasing the campaigns’ daily budget. Now we can’t launch campaigns, unfortunately, because of errors in the mob. applications.

P.S. We do not have successful tests of UAC for west countries: either there is small amount of traffic or the price is really high and there is no conversion.

Have we optimized reg/dep?

We also tried to optimize reg / dep, but the result was worse than when we just drive traffic with the optimization for install.

Have we splitted with other offers?

We wanted more and started testing other products, tried Vulcan Platinum, a Rox casino, but conversion was worse than Club Vulcan. As a result, we worked with him further.

What creatives were the best?

“Reviewer of mobile applications”and real feedback from players were the best ones because the ads were for youtube users (mostly ads were there) and players trusted that ads more.

Biggest Loss With Hack App?

The hardest day was when we lost $ 129,000 in 3 hours ($ 5 per install) due to an incorrectly set rate in the settings of advertising campaign, as we worked using the Google ads. We worked both with in dollars and rouble accounts so we made a mistake when we copied campaign from the Russian account to another one. So it was 200k roubles daily budget and 5 roubles per install and 200k dollars and 5 USD per install. We lost 7 million roubles that day. Remarkable experience, these stunts are performed by trained professionals, don’t try this at home!

Below is one of the most terrible screenshots that I made in my life :)))

But then everything went OK and we were with the gain again in 2 weeks.


Screenshots of costs, campaigns

We do not have such a screen that would show all the income / expenses, because we lost most of accounts. Below there are screenshots that remain, screenshots from three MCC, MCC is like a BM in fb, each with 20 accounts:


What is the current situation?

1. Google raises the install price for any creatives.

2. Google UAC – many placements without the ability to disable certain ones. Good ROI was only thanks to video-ad. Nowadays, Google mostly displays text ads without showing video ads. Such ads lose us money.

3. Previously, Google showed video ads on youtube channels with an adult audience, at the moment 95% of ads – to channels with children’s content. In this regard, a conversion from reg to dep can reach up to 1 to 50.

So, this is our story of a very interesting experience of working with Hack APP.

There are many interesting things ahead, a lot of new things! I would like to note that this approach is already more than a year old and our top webmasters we trust, they privately received from us the opportunity to drive traffic to this offer and they earned much more than one million roubles.

We also have many cool private offers that we are ready to give out to webmasters, in which we will be sure that they will not leave.

Stay with us and remember that we are always ready to support you! Top cases, best offers, free mobile applications – and much more for you from Gambling.PRO!

P.S. we are also ready to assemble for you such applications like hack, for other GEOs!


Danil Fokin was with you.

Our experience is your profit.

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