Understanding Different Types of WordPress Hosting

Understanding Different Types of WordPress Hosting


If you’re new to the world of hosting, looking at all the different types of WordPress Hosting options available may seem overwhelming. However, if you break it down into bite-sized chunks, it’ll be easier to get your head around it and make the right decision. 

Honestly, choosing the right type of hosting for your WordPress website is almost the same as choosing a new restaurant to eat at, looking for a new house to rent, or even booking your next vacation. Yes, the key is to break it down into parts to get to the best decision. 

Start with what you know, then list down your absolute must-haves, then go on to understand each option, and finally see how the different pieces of the puzzle work together to give you what you need. 

WordPress Hosting is the ideal choice for WordPress websites. It’s fast, it’s secure and it will allow you to further enhance your website experience for your audience. That brings us to the different types of WordPress Hosting options. 

Assuming you already understand what WordPress Hosting is, let’s jump in and look at the different hosting options available for you to choose from. 

Decoding Different Types of WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting can be broken down into 4 types:

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Dedicated Hosting
  4. Managed WordPress Hosting

Let’s look at each of these different types of WordPress Hosting in detail. 

Shared Hosting

In Shared Hosting multiple websites and users ‘share’ the same server and resources. This results in shared costs, but all shared security risks. When you start a new WordPress website or blog, you receive minimal traffic and the need for resources like space, storage, RAM etc. is minimal too. Shared WordPress Hosting is probably the most cost-effective hosting option for new websites that are on a budget. 

However, on the flip side, Shared Hosting is not very secure as there are multiple users on the server and the lack of security by any user could put all at risk. Additionally, your website uptime may also be affected because of the same reason — multiple users using the same server. 

Is Shared WordPress Hosting the best option for you?

If you’re just starting out and have a fixed, small budget go ahead and start with Shared Hosting. You can always upgrade to a VPS Hosting plan once your traffic and needs grow. You may face some uptime issues but that does not mean your website will always be down! 

So if you have a low budget, low traffic, minimal need for resources and you can afford a little snag in speed and uptime now and then — Shared WordPress Hosting will work for you. 

If reliability, high resources and security are your top priorities, then steer away from a Shared hosting environment. Additionally, if you’re an e-commerce website you might want a more reliable and secure website as you will handle sensitive financial and customer data as well as need your website up and running at all times or you’ll lose customers. 

VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server, is another type of WordPress Hosting. In this the server environment, as the name suggests, is private and thus more secure. Although there are multiple users on the server, each has its own private server space, thus risks are minimized and you don’t share the website resources with any other user. 

VPS Hosting is more expensive than Shared Hosting since you’re paying for more security, privacy and reliability. If any other website on the server runs out of bandwidth, space or storage it won’t affect your website in any way. Similarly, if another website is attacked by a virus or any other cyber threat, your website will remain unharmed. 

Is VPS WordPress Hosting the best option for you?

If security, reliability, resources and scalability are your top priorities, VPS Hosting is a good option for you. Your website security and performance will not be affected by any other website. However, if you’re looking for advanced website control over hardware this might not be the best option for you. Additionally, you should consider your own technical skills to manage your server, take care of all system updates and other updates and add-on requirements. These are some of the reasons, most people choose managed hosting services (we’ll come to that in a bit). 

Dedicated Hosting

When you buy Dedicated Hosting for your website you also buy hardware and a place to store that hardware. This requires minimal maintenance at your end, however, you’ll need to take up all the other aspects like setting up the server software, installations and operations. Of course, the benefits of Dedicated Hosting are huge since you are the only user of the entire server space that’s exclusively dedicated to the running of your website, but that also means you pay a large price for it. 

Is Dedicated WordPress Hosting the best option for you?

If you want complete control over your server where you get to customise the entire server environment according to your needs, Dedicated Hosting is definitely the right type of WordPress Hosting for you. Your security software is completely tailored to your needs and you can easily set up customised monitoring tools. 

On the other hand, you will need a team of technical experts to make sure your Dedicated Servers are running smoothly and optimised to your requirements. Everything is completely your responsibility — maintenance, updates, upgrades, monitoring, security and all! Additionally, in case of hardware failure, it requires more time and expertise to repair it, as compared to VPS Hosting where the system can automatically spread the load. 

Managed WordPress Hosting

This is probably the easiest, most effective and smooth-sailing WordPress Hosting for anyone. As the name suggests, a team of experts from your hosting provider ‘manage’ all your server requirements. 

Managed WordPress Hosting can be on a Shared or a VPS Hosting environment, but that doesn’t make a big difference because all your maintenance, updates and monitoring needs are taken care of by the hosting provider. Since your hosting provider only needs to manage WordPress, it makes it easier for them to set up the environment exactly as per your needs thus enhancing the speed, security and any other issue. 

Is Managed WordPress Hosting the best option for you?

While you might pay a slightly higher price for hosting than you would if you buy regular Shared or VPS Hosting, the fact that experts are monitoring your WordPress website and server 24/7 totally makes up for it. You can be guaranteed that you can always rely on the team for support, and be rest assured that your security and safety are completely taken care of. This also brings in better performance, speed and an up-to-date environment — all of which are notable factors to consider for the health and running of your WordPress website. 

Types of WordPress Hosting — Options, Priorities and Needs

Now that we’ve understood the different types of WordPress Hosting it’s time to pick the best one for you and get started. 

Know your options, lay down your priorities and needs and you’ll know what best fits your specific requirements. Some of the key factors you need to consider include, price, security, performance, technical expertise and scalability. Pick the type of WordPress Hosting that ticks all the boxes!

The right WordPress and Web Hosting provider will help you pick the right hosting plan for your website and set you up for success. For more information and tips, head to our WordPress Category page. 


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