Lightkey Pro Text Prediction Software: Lifetime Subscription

Lightkey Pro Text Prediction Software: Lifetime Subscription



Turbocharge your typing using the world’s only real-time text prediction, spelling, and grammar correction software for Windows. Lightkey learns your typing patterns and gradually predicts up to 12 words including punctuation marks, while correcting spelling and grammar mistakes in real-time, allowing you to compose your content faster, with confidence. Lightkey incorporates hundreds of grammar rules and delivers relevant predictions in over 60 built-in content domains including technology, business, finance, law, academia, and more.

Trusted in over 160 countries

  • Works with Microsoft Office 2010-2019 and Office 365
  • Works with Google Chrome apps (Gmail, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack, and more)
  • Predicts up to 12 words, including punctuation marks, in over 80 languages
  • Utilizing hundreds of grammar rules to offer real-time spelling and grammar corrections
  • Includes over 60 content domains including technology, business, finance, law, academia, & more
  • Supports over 80 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, and more
  • Extended support for non-touch typists (visually focused on the keyboard while typing)
  • Trigger Lightkey in any application using Lightkey Anywhere
  • Lightkey operates fully & securely offline
  • Intuitive dashboard helps you unlock your key productivity metrics


  • 4.9/5 stars on G2:
    ★ ★ ★ ★
    ★ ★

  • “As someone who spends a lot of time typing…, is a blessing since I discovered and implemented it about two years ago… it is astonishing to see the saved up time after a few months… I have come to the point that I feel I waste precious time typing … on other devices without Lightkey installed. [John B].”

  • The Next Web: “While your phone will suggest a helpful next word to complete your text thought, Lightkey Pro is in another universe of anticipation”

  • Zapier: Type less with this fast and accurate predictive text app”

  • The Windows Club: ”One of the most futuristic and innovative tools that I came across”

  • Analytics India Magazine: ”Lightkey is giving a stiff competition to Google’s Smart Compose”


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