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Hi Guys!

Ive been lurking around this and other affiliate forums for a while now.

I have started my affiliate marketing journey, it has been quite informative and has opened my mind to alot of possibilities (maybe too many).

For quite a while i have been going around in circles on what which method to stick to and pursue given my situation.

My Background: i took an course on amazon affiliate blogging and it really intrigued me. I started a blog and wrote a few articles but I knew that it would take atleast 6 months to get my first income and that too would be around $50 per month in the beginning depending on traffic volume. this sort of put me off.

I then came across affiliate marketing (Clickbank, etc) and then CPA marketing. This really intrigued me as it would give me an opportunity to generate 1000 to 2000 per month faster than with a blog. For the past few weeks i’ve been watching youtube videos and browsing forums for all different methods. I even got 1 conversion on maxbouny for a dating offer (which was later shaved) from fb groups. I then thought to use craigslist traffic but thats more blackhat and i didn’t pursue it (yet). I am now thinking of promoting sweepstakes, survey offers on push traffic to start getting conversions.

I have around $1000 saved up and don’t want to risk it all. What do you guys think would be a safe and steady way to start generating a few sales to boost my confidence. Once i see that the method works, i can scale it by borrowing from friends and family.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions on which model CPA marketing or Affiliate Blogging is suitable for me.

(sorry for the confusing post as my mind is running around in circles)



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