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I thought i’d update this thread, with my experience with whitelabeldating/Venntro media/global personals. Been with them for around ten years, was getting over £2000 total rev (initial,re-initial,rebill) per month with around 6 sites. I was told out of the blue, with 5 days notice (end of june 2021) my revenue share will be dropping from 50% share (initial,re-initial,rebill) to 50% initial, 5% re-initial, 5% rebill, because ‘ they can see from my account that i am not growing’. The email did say that i could avoid this by signing up to a ‘growth scheme’. The ‘growth scheme’ however makes you commit to growing the account by at least 10% per month, and they ask you what sites you will be starting. I have refused to take part because it seems such an aggressive approach. and emailed to say if the rev share dropped down i would have to pause all my marketing campaigns because there will be losses each month. I have heard nothing from them, my rev share is on the 5% and i have had to pause all my campaigns.

i had the same issue with them in 2018 (it was interesting reading this thread). they dropped my rev share to 40% (initial,re-initial,rebill) for around 1 year. I was so close to throwing in the towel, but really needed the income, at that time, so had no choice but to struggle along. After months of haggling with my partner manager i managed to get back 50% share, because they could see growth, until now.

This time however i am not as desperate and am prepared to walk away which i am now committed to because after some research i stubbled on the advandate software and it’s pretty much the same as whitelabeldating backend and front end. It’s as though they started with this, and improved it, a bit, so am going to buy a license and start with 1 of my domains & country that i think i will have the best chance to push.

I lost faith in whitelabel years ago when they started introducing advertising inside my sites. many of these sites, are direct dating site competitors and take members away, and i did notice less re-initial money coming in as a result. But because they make a tidy little profit out of it i can’t see them removing them. Also have look at their rev share, it looks good saying ‘UP TO 100%’ , ‘UP TO 70%’. but we all know that could also mean it could be 5%!

oh i tried Dating factory too, and had no success either.

maybe we should get together and do a rival whitelabel but with generous fixed share. together i think it could move quite fast.


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