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Hello everyone, and my sincerest apologies for stirring up some **** with my very first post.

Over the past couple of years, ShareASale has been repeatedly trying to screw me out of my affiliate money.

They refuse to change my country of residence and insist on sending checks to my old postal address which they perfectly know I gave up years ago. They promised to add money from unclaimed checks back to my Shareasale account, so I could withdraw them to my bank account, but the money was never to be seen again.

They’ve also written to me that they’ve had an unclaimed property audit, which I guess means even the authorities have figured out by now that Shareasale owes me money. Needless to say that, despite multiple mails from me, they have never replied or paid what they owe me.

Basically there’s no response from their finance department, neither via email or via their ticket system – as if everyone there was dead. Or arrested.

Am I the only one enjoying these “privileges”, or is there a pattern to this?

Most likely they don’t screw over everyone, otherwise they would have to close shop by now. As for my particular situation: I’m a foreigner, and we’re only talking 300-400 bucks here, so maybe they’re figuring out I won’t sue them. Or it’s because at this point, my account is only earning 2nd tier commissions from merchants I’ve referred years ago, and since I’m not bringing in new customers, they think they can treat me like ****.

Anyone with similar experiences? Thanks!


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