America’s #1 Digital Copywriting Coach Is Taking on Apprentice Writers

woman looking at desktop screen which reads Digital Marketing


woman looking at desktop screen which reads Digital Marketing

Starting August 1, America’s #1 digital copywriting coach, Nick Usborne, is opening his doors and taking on a small group of lucky writers to be his new digital copywriting apprentices.

Nick has said he’s happy to take on writers at all levels …

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never written a word of copy in your life. And I don’t care if you’ve bought other copywriting programs before and not finished them. I’ll take you under my wing and teach you the skills you need to go from new or aspiring digital copywriter to confident, well-paid pro.”

Registration is open until August 5, 2021, at midnight. After which Nick and his selected apprentices will kick off 12 weeks of intensive personal training.

During these “deep dive” weekly sessions, Nick and his new writers will cover every side of what it means to be a digital copywriter today, including focused training on topics like …

Why writing for the online world is different (and what those key differences mean for your career) …

How to “read the mind” of your audience and know exactly what to write to make the biggest impact …

How to navigate certain online writing “advancements” … like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media platforms …

How to write the most in-demand and high-paying online writing projects (including several that pay upwards of $3,000-$7,000+) …

And much more …

Making this a writing mentorship opportunity at the very highest level.

Nick says money is rolling into the online marketing space at a historic pace … and it could be the opportunity you’re looking for as an aspiring writer.

Following his writing path has helped thousands of AWAI members find ongoing career satisfaction … thanks to the demand, variety of projects, and friendliness to “beginners.”

There’s plenty of room — the market is massive. In 2021, the level of spending is projected to break $450 billion. And, according to eMarketer, we’ll get as high as $524 billion in 2022.

And these days, with the right training, specialized digital copywriters can earn $150,000+ per year.

Plus, there’s opportunity for retainer deals (predictable writing income you can rely on month after month).

With over 40 years as a copywriter, Nick is the one to learn from. He’s been a pioneer in online marketing … first with the Web, then social media, and now with chatbots.

Registration for Nick’s coveted Digital Copywriting Apprenticeship is only open until August 5 at midnight.

If you’re interested in more details on securing Nick as your expert writing mentor, you can find the full breakdown of his exclusive apprenticeship program at the link below.

View Your Digital Copywriting Apprentice Invitation, here.

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Published: August 1, 2021


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