August Issue: Your Story

August Magazine Cover


August Magazine Cover

Ever think about your own life story and how you want it to read?

Because as a paid writer, you get to decide.

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Gone are the days of someone else telling you what to do … how to shape your schedule … or even how good you are at something.

Writing for a living is all about deciding those things for yourself.

This month’s Featured Interview with Tony Gnau is a terrific testament to how that might go. Faced with a career path that didn’t entice him for the long term, Tony up and made a change — a big change — and now lives a life of envy telling stories through video. (See p. 9.)

The Barefoot Writing Opportunity we feature this month gives you another pathway to taking charge of your career and life … complete with paychecks that piggyback on top of each other. (See p. 19.)

And you won’t want to miss this month’s featured articles on the upside to procrastination, how one copywriter made millions with ordinary rocks, or why it might pay off big-time to upgrade your “big why.”

Click here now to read your August issue of Barefoot Writer.

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Published: August 6, 2021


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