Ikigai :: Copywriting Course

Ikigai :: Copywriting Course


Let me tell you about a concept that can make you happier and more creative.

Part of being happy means doing something that’s important to you.
Sometimes this thing might not be important to anyone else BUT you.

There’s a Japanese term called Ikigai which means:
“Something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living.”

• This can mean taking care of a pet.
• This can mean daily watering of a plant.
• It can mean a daily walk around your neighborhood.

In fact you probably already naturally do some form of Ikigai!

For me I enjoy a small daily ritual of cleaning a patch of black crushed rock in my yard, and there’s a lovely tree above it that sheds leaves and small branches over the rock:

Everyday I like to get outside and pickup the leaves by hand. If there’s a lot of debris I’ll sometimes use an electric blower to clear it out.

Most days I take a few seconds or a few minutes to keep this little patch nice and tidy. This is not an important task, and almost no one will notice, except me.

Through my little form of Ikigai, I get to start off my day improving something.

It forces me to get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine.
It takes me out of my normal workday and let’s me think.
Since my mind is relaxed while doing this simple task, I often think of new creative ideas during this time.

This is the beauty of an Ikigai.

Sometimes just emptying your mind of big pressing issues, and focusing on a small simple task, can make you more relaxed and creative.


Here’s some Ikigai examples and ideas:

  • Taking care of a plant.
  • Making a fancy tea or coffee in the morning.
  • Walking the dog.
  • Making meals for loved ones.
  • Raking leaves.
  • Doing a meditation.
  • Working out and general exercise.
  • Doing prayers.
  • A bike ride.
  • A walk, job, or run.


So what’s your Ikigai? Do you already have something like this you do?

It’s ok if your Ikigai is non-important or silly.

Remember, this ritual can be something totally JUST FOR YOU.
It doesn’t necessarily have to help anyone or anything. It’s something that’s purely important or enjoyable for you.


I sincerely hope you learned something from this video.


P.S. Leave a comment below with your Ikigai.

Or read the comments to see what others do, and get some ideas for yourself.


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