Google Marketing Platform Adds New Tools to Manage Publisher Deals in Display & Video 360

Google Marketing Platform Adds New Tools to Manage Publisher Deals in Display & Video 360


Thanks to its recent enhancements of Display & Video 360, Google Marketing Platform (GMP) has taken the world of programmatic advertising (adtech) by storm. It has announced new cross-channel audience analytics measurement tools to help brands achieve heightened level of interaction with Connected TV and audio content streamers.

Let’s understand the impact of GMP’s Display & Video 360 products and features on a brand’s ability to capture streamers’ attention with analytics-backed CTV and audio deals.4

Here’s a summarized overview of what marketers and brands can do with GMP’s Display & Video 360.

Opening New Digital Store-fronts to Amplify Quality of Brand-Customer Interaction

Global brands are turning to programmatic advertising platforms to meet the growing demands of their target audiences. We now know that audiences are consuming interactive content in various ways from diverse channels, including Connected TV, podcasts and live / recorded video streaming platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Spotify and Netflix.

Expand Your Programmatic Guaranteed Strategies

Google Marketing Platform will empower marketers and agencies to sign up contextually-designed ad deals with top publishers. These are aimed to simplify the way media inventories are handled at the buy and sell side of he business across multiple brands and campaigns. By introducing Display & Video 360 to the whole mix of programming media buying, GMP intends to improve ad performance and deliver powerful consistent user experiences across all channels of engagement.

Sales Lift Measurement

Ad spending is back to pre-COVID phase. In some regions, due to popularity of Connected TV and audio streaming apps, we are even seeing ad spending breaking sales records. However, advertisers are still unsure of how they should plan their ad campaigns in an effective manner to boost sales and revenues. In short, how to use ad strategies to get items moving from display to card?

The Display & Video 360 interface is integrating Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCSolutions) in the U.S. to provide ad sales reporting attributed to campaigns across CTV, Display, Audio and Mobile advertising and gaming apps.

To take care of assisted sales online, Google is introducing Sales Lift Measurement for CTV ecosystem. It not only provides detailed information on how sales worked in online mode across retailer network but also delivers visualization on how CTV ad impressions influence offline sales elsewhere. You can use Sales Lift Measurement to report:

  • percentage sales lift,
  • total incremental sales and
  • return on ad spend (ROAS)

Reach Planning and TV Planning for CTV and YouTube

You can now expand the potential of your ad campaign plans with new reporting and planning tools. The new reach planning tool will sync with Display and Video 360’s existing forecasting capabilities.

Display and Video 360 also hosts new planning tool for TV and YouTube ad management. This TV planning tool will be available to users in the US, France, Germany, Japan and Vietnam. TV planning will be available as a self-service platform in beta form in Fall.

Last year, Google introduced many aspects of its adtech platform for media planners. This included providing a deduplicated view of your Display & Video 360 reach.

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